Tragic bus-oil tanker accident kills 57 in Southern Pakistan


PAKISTAN: 57 killed in an accident that happened in between an overloaded passenger bus and a speeding oil tanker on the highway in Pakistan’s southern Sindh province.

Sohaib Siddiqui, Karachi commissioner said that the crash took place on the super highway when a bus from Karachi to Shikarpur collided with an oil tanker. Officials statements marked that both the drivers irresponsibly broke the traffic rules and invited this unfortunate mishap. Both the vehicles were having speed above the limits, and the bus driver carelessly loaded it with the passengers in such a way that they had to sit on the roof of the bus.

Emergency has been declared in the Jinnah Hospital where the dead and the injured were shifted. According to Seemi Jamali, in charge of emergency department of Jinnah post-Graduate Medical Centre(JPMC), four were injured and 57 were dead including men, women and children.

One truly horrifying incident reported by the hospital official was that there were bodies of six children attached to a woman, which were apparently her kids. The bodies were burnt to such an extent that it was next to impossible for the hospital officials to separate and identify them. The only possible way left to identify them is the DNA test.

There were almost 65 passengers in the bus, and many escaped from the back of the bus when the bus caught fire. One of the survivors told TeCake team “the driver lost control and panicked when the oil tanker driver lost control and came the wrong way.”

A senior police official said that a team has been set up to investigate this horrifying accident, and it was also reported that the unsafe condition of the road also contributed to this crash.

“We are trying to ascertain if the driver of the oil tanker was solely at fault or whether the bus driver also showed negligence,” Anwaar, a senior police official said.

Television news channel showed the tanker and the bus burning and with firefighters escaping the casualties and trying to extinguish the fire.

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