Traffic on ‘Properties of Expanding Universes’ from Stephen Hawking overloads University servers

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Stephen Hawking has been a well-known name amidst the space enthusiasts. After the recent posting of Stephen Hawking’s doctoral thesis known as the “Properties of Expanding Universes” over the open access repository of the Cambridge University, the thesis has been garnering a lot of attention, so much so that the website crashed only on the first day of the document being posted online.

Several PDF files of different file size were made available for aspiring scientists to benefit from to be downloaded for free. The Cambridge Library offered a high-resolution file of approximately 72Mb to a file that was half its original size. Further, a more condensed version of the same was uploaded which was much smaller in size from the original file. Even after so much reduction in size, the overload of interest for the file crashed the servers of the website.

As explained by Stuart Roberts, deputy head of research communications at Cambridge, this particular thesis by Stephen Hawkings had been viewed more than 60,000 times by late Monday. When compared to another popular existing thesis, this one has broken records as other only reached about 100 views per month at maximum.

Recently the University has signalled a new push which ensures that more and more academic work is available for free to download so that it can inspire more upcoming talents to get inspired from. Hawking agreed to let his thesis be uploaded for free download for the same new approach known as Open Access 2017.

According to Hawking, in a statement released by the University, by making his PhD thesis, he hopes to inspire budding talents all around the world to gaze at the stars and not look down at the feet. He believes that our young talents need to understand our place in the whole universe and make sense of the far and beyond of the vast cosmos. He believes that anyone, anywhere in the whole world should have free and unaltered access to any research be it his or any other genius mind to have a better understanding of the Universe and its elements.

The PhD thesis of Hawking named officially as PhD 5437 had been residing in a shelf at the Cambridge University. This thesis carried around 100 pages which were bound together with a sea-green coloured cover. The inside of the cover has a reminder stating the thesis should not be copied without the consent of the author. If anyone desired a copy of the same, a library fee of around 65 pounds or $85 was needed to be paid.

Now, just within few hours of being posted online, the file put the Apollo website under a lot of stress and download of any of the three versions of the file became impossible. However, to reduce the load on the servers, a separate online entry of the thesis with its pages photographed is available for download just in case someone is unable to download it from the official website.

In addition, as a part of new BBC documentary, Hawking has predicted about new doomsday of Earth which is expected to take place within next one century.

According to him, humanity has to run off the Earth within next 100 years. Otherwise, it will perish from the earth. The renowned English cosmologist also highlights the need of colonising other planets as soon as possible; otherwise, it will become harder to save humanity from extinction. As said by Stephen Hawking the colonisation of another planet and shifting human beings to other livable planets is the only way to ensure their survival. In his speech, given for the documentary, Stephen Hawking also has warned that a number of dangers are double-dealing ahead of humanity and it is high time that people start understanding the issue and threat seriously.

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  • Einstein to Time Magazine later in life re Creation:

    “We’re all like a bunch of little children, entering a huge library, with 1000s of books, written in many languages. The little child knows someone must have written those books”.

    The Heavens (and even the Big Bang theory) declare God’s glory! We don’t even know what dark matter is and it makes up most of our universe. We don’t know much!

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