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Toshiba sells its stake and officially quits the laptop business: Reports

A recent report has confirmed that Toshiba has now sold its remaining 19.9 percent stake of its laptop brand. If reports are to be believed, the stake has been sold to Sharp, the most renowned screen manufacturer in the market. After selling the remaining 19.9 percent stake, Toshiba has officially taken an exit from the laptop business, and really the PC business at large. For a couple of years, Toshiba was not doing well in the Laptop/PC business.

We all know that Toshiba was a pioneer in the portable computer space. The company developed T1100 in 1985, which was the world’s first mainstream laptop computer. The model even seta design template in the computer market, which was kept until the Apple PowerBook line arrived in 1991. In the 1990s and 2000s, Toshiba thrived the market with the launch of its Satellite, Portégé, and Qosmio lines. The company’s first laptop was a 13.3-inch Satellite from 2002.

It is not sure exactly what led to the decline of Toshiba, although a number of possible factors are present. Toshiba failed to put a bet on HD DVD. It produced focused media laptops that became useless after the market was taken over by Blu Ray and streaming. Competition with MacBook Air and XPS, like Apple, Dell, and Lenovo, also defeated Toshiba in its own game. Toshiba faced intense competition in the PC market, where there was no room for anyone but had the biggest competitors.

In computing through categories such as printing and storage, Toshiba remains a major name with fingers in categories such as energy and retail. In this respect, the Dynabook brand is alive. Still, this is a sad moment-Toshiba was a pillar in the personal computer landscape regardless of what you thought about its products.

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