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The Top Computer Viruses of all time

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Computer viruses cause a lot of damage and lead to some serious data breaches. Both company and home computers have suffered in recent years, leading to calls that everyone should have anti-virus software and keep it up to date.

Even with these precautions, there have been some serious viruses that have left computers unusable, and victims out of pocket. Every year, new viruses emerge that are worse than the ones before. Here are some of the worst so far:

  1. iloveyou Virus

It was considered to be one of the worst viruses around, because of the damage caused. It was thought to have been developed by Reonel Ramones and Onel de Guzman who programmed it to use on social media platforms.

It would pop up and direct people to a link about love issues. In reality, it was linked to the virus. It is thought that the iloveyou virus has caused up to 10 billion US dollars of damage.

  1. Code Red Virus

The Code Red virus first appeared in 2001, when two security employees discovered it. It was restricted to places such as the White House in the US and was called Code Red because the two employees were drinking Code Red Mountain Dew at the time. It is thought that the virus was developed in China.

  1. Melissa Virus

The Melissa Virus was named after an exotic dancer, David Smith in 1999 created it. Originally, it appeared as a word document that had been infected by the virus. It was thought to have caused up to 80 million US dollars’ worth of damage.

Smith was arrested and charged, and was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but he only served 20 months after paying 5000 dollars fine.

  1. Zeus Virus

Zeus was a Trojan Horse virus that affected Windows computers. Once infected, the computers would perform criminal activities. It is thought that the virus was responsible for around 70 million dollars of stolen money. By the end, it had infected around 1 million computers worldwide.

  1. Conficker Virus

The Conficker virus first appeared in 2008. During its lifespan, it infected more than 9 million computers around the world. It enabled more than 9 billion US dollars to be stolen from unsuspecting users.

The virus affected Windows computers and entered through the network. Once there, it would turn into a botnet labourer and scam cash off the user. Microsoft developed a fix and patch that was distributed by all the anti-virus companies.

If a virus infects your computer, you should use your virus software to attempt to clean it. If this fails, then you may need outside help from a computer repair technician. There are also data recovery sites such as https://www.securedatarecovery.com/ that will recover your data.

With up to date anti-virus software and a full back-up of your computer, viruses such as these shouldn’t cause a problem. However, do not visit any sites that are you intuitively consider dangerous or those that are linked to an email from an unknown source or a source that usually does not send links such as your bank.

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