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Top 3 WhatsApp scams everyone must know

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WhatsApp with more than 1 billion global users is no doubt the topmost instant messaging platform of the current time. However, despite its encrypted system and strict user privacy rules, WhatsApp including its users also have also subjected to numerous scams and hoaxes over the years. WhatsApp, like SMS and emails, is weighed down by frauds, spam, and the hoax. Smart cyber crooks have left no stone unturned to trap the WhatsApp users.

Here are some most popular and recently published hoax and spam which every WhatsApp user should be aware of. Have a look:

Free Emirates flights

This is the most recent scam that has been circulating over the platform of WhatsApp since past couple of weeks. The fraud scam is claimed to offer WhatsApp users free Emirates flights if they swell out a quick survey. A WhatsApp message having an internal link is spotted to circulating on the cross-messaging platform, directing people to the Emirates website. However, this is an entirely fake claim and those who click on the link for emigrate flights will be redirected to a new prank site.

Fake Video Calling invitation

WhatsApp is currently working on its free video calling feature in its Beta Program Version and few days it will go live in various WhatsApp platforms. However, taking advantage of this delay, some cyber criminals are found to tempt users to submit their personal details to get advance video calling opportunity. A new WhatsApp message with a link is spotted on platform asking users to join the free advance video calling bandwagon. But be aware!!! The video calling link though looks legitimate, is nothing than spam.

WhatsApp Gold Version

WhatsApp Gold Version is one of the most highlighted hoaxes that appeared early this year. A message developed by a third-party app developer has jerked the official platform of WhatsApp and tempted people with new added features. WhatsApp Gold and WhatsApp Plus Apps had a backdoor that directs all the private sensitive data of the users once they clicked on the download link of the app. Hence the WhatsApp users are strictly instructed not to install such fraud apps like WhatsApp Gold and WhatsApp Plus.

Well, apart from these three top WhatsApp scam, there also some other hoaxes like ‘Amazon Big Billion Day Lucky Wheel,’ and ‘WhatsApp with extra money charge,’ are also spotted enthralling the WhatsApp users for few days. However, all of these messages were fraud, and the users are advised to stay away from such hoaxes and their risky links. If you are irresolute, don’t open the link. Otherwise, your account details can be redirected to the hackers’ site.

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