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Top 10 Free Android Apps you can download in October 2018

Top 10 Free Android Apps you can download in October 2018

The Google Play Store has millions of apps on display and of course, we download a bunch of apps wherein few stay active, few tend to be dormant but installed and many people would repeat the install and uninstall loop whenever they need an app but for not a long duration. If you ever check out the Top Charts section of the Google Play Stores (Apps section), you’ll see that there are a bunch of categories where Google ranks apps based on its popularity such as Top Free Grossing Apps, Top Paid Grossing Apps, Trending Apps, etc. Here’s a list of top ten free Android Apps in October 2018 according to Google.

1. WhatsApp Messenger

Top 10 Free Android Apps you can download in October 2018
WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most downloaded apps on the Play Store with more than a billion active users. It has a number of features including text messaging, video call, voice call, group chat, status and stories similar to Facebook and Instagram. It is a great way to stay connected with friends and relatives since there are no in-app purchases and WhatsApp has been working towards including a new bunch of new features such as taking payments from users or converting the WhatsApp account into a Business account for business purposes and much more. (Google Play Store)

2. Helo: WhatsApp Status, Video Clip, Share & Chat

Top 10 Free Android Apps you can download in October 2018
For those who haven’t heard about Helo yet, it is a great app for sharing and downloading viral content including WhatsApp statuses, memes, Bollywood news, wishes, quotes, in English as well as Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and other regional languages. You can use the app and share the content directly to Facebook and WhatsApp using built-in sharing options which is far greater than downloading the photos and videos from the internet and sharing it. The app recently reported more than 10 million downloads and has proven to be instrumental for many users searching for similar apps. (Download it on Google Play Store)

3. TikTok

Top 10 Free Android Apps you can download in October 2018
If you don’t know about TikTok aka, you are definitely living under a rock. The app has grown immensely and its popularity is ever growing since many celebs from different parts of the film and TV industry in India have joined it sharing their videos every day. The app is full of enjoyment as it is an amalgamation of apps like Dubsmash, LIKE, etc and can add a number of filters and has a huge base of videos that you can watch and never feel bored ever again. The app has recorded more than 100 million downloads so far after it was renamed from a few months ago. (Download it on Google Play Store)

4. Google Pay (Tez)

Top 10 Free Android Apps you can download in October 2018
Google Tez was released a few years ago giving out a bonus of Rs 51/- for anyone who would recommend it to friends and family and convert the potential lead into users. Tez is a great app as it lets the user chat to other users while sending and receiving an amount is equally easy with the app as you just have to swipe towards pay or receive, select the user by either feeding in the recipient’s contact number, bank details, etc to pay directly without any hassle. Last month, Tez was renamed as Google Pay as the Cupertino-based tech giant wants to bring it under the umbrella of Google Pay (the service). It has recorded a total of more than 100 million downloads so far. (Download it on Google Play Store)

5. Messenger (Facebook)

Top 10 Free Android Apps you can download in October 2018
Don’t want to open Facebook on your browser or even on its own dedicated app but want to respond to someone or check out incoming messages with very low interference, Messenger is available on a click. You can download the app (as more than one billion people downloaded it) and stay connected to anyone you want to chat or stay notified. You can video or voice call a fellow Messenger user or create chat heads that will display the message on the screen with an ease to reply it without any need to even open the app for a second. (Download it on Google Play Store)

6. SHAREit

Top 10 Free Android Apps you can download in October 2018
Sending files over Bluetooth may not be something you would like since it is time-consuming. So, Google Play Store has something for you and that’s SHAREit. The app is easy to use as it requires you to turn on WiFi on both sender and receiver and use ‘location’ as a second method to form a connection between the device. You can just add files of any size and it will go past the device with more than 3mbps speed and more. (Download it on Google Play Store)

7. Facebook

Top 10 Free Android Apps you can download in October 2018
More than 3 billion people are on Facebook so it isn’t obvious that Facebook will make it to the list of top ten free Android apps in October 2018 since Facebook has been on the list for years now. Since the Google Play Store counts only a round-off number of downloads, it shows that Facebook has been downloaded more than one billion times till date on any Android smartphone but since there are more than 3 billion users with more than 80 million people rating it on Play Store (WhatsApp has been rated by 72 million people), you could assume that the number of far beyond one billion marks and indeed it is. The app lets the user connect to anyone in the world, have a one-to-one chat or a group chat or great a group of like-minded people, share thoughts, ideas, photos, videos, call someone either voice or video, invite people for any event and much more. (Download it on Google Play Store)

8. MX Player

Top 10 Free Android Apps you can download in October 2018
MX Player is one of the oldest audio and video players on Android platform and has been downloaded more than half a billion times. It supports plenty of audio and video codecs and format and has a feature called multi-core decoding which provides it with 70% greater performance than those app using the single-core decoding technique. It has options to either play video is standard mode or SW mode or you can choose HW or HW+ mode for hardware acceleration. The app is completely clutter-free which only a small pan on the bottom of its menu page where ads are displayed. It works flawlessly in most of the smartphones since it is cross-platform and lightweight. (Download it on Google Play Store)

9. Flipkart Online Shopping

Top 10 Free Android Apps you can download in October 2018
Flipkart is one of the largest e-commerce websites along with Amazon which is the largest in the world, Snapdeal, eBay, etc. Flipkart has been holding a few exclusive launches all these years, however, in a way to tackle Amazon’s popularity, it has started offering exclusive launches with plenty of offers, discounts, and a lot of other benefits to the consumers which is why it had become one of the most high-rated e-commerce sites where you can find anything from office to home supplies, grocery; men’s, women’s, kid’s clothing and accessories, gadgets and tech products, furniture, luxury items and a lot more while providing an easy to return the product at will which collectively made it to be downloaded more than half a billion times from millions of users use it every day. (Download it on Google Play Store)

10. ShareChat

Top 10 Free Android Apps you can download in October 2018
It was my first time trying this app and believe me, it won’t disappoint even the first-time users. It has been downloaded more than 50 million times and brings features like talking to a stranger by shaking the phone once, talking to the friends in various Indian regional languages, checking out cool statuses and content while watching original web series on the app with any hassle. (Download it on Google Play Store)

List of apps trending on 11th to 20th position

  • UC Browser
  • Ludo King
  • TrueCaller
  • Amazon India
  • Hotstar
  • LIKE – Magic Video Maker & Community
  • Facebook Lite
  • Share Music & Transfer Files – Xender
  • PayTM
  • MyJio

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