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Top 10 apps you must install in your smartphone

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Smartphones and Apps have become the true sensation of modern tech arena. Aren’t they? No one can debate on the fact that the continually growing Android Market is overflowed with numerous smart apps that have created the savvy edges for better user experience. However, endeavoring to get to holds with the vertical volume of Smartphone applications is not pretty simple, especially when it already has been flooded with thousands of apps.

After several years of using Smartphone, there are a number of people who haven’t yet fully integrated with the phone and its application system. Here in this article, you will find an elaborate guide to breaking down the must have Smartphone apps that are available on both Android and iOS. The below given ten apps are awesome solutions to boost up your Smartphone experience.

Let’s explore:

  1. Cover

Security apps are on peak position these times, especially for Smartphone users. Everyone wants to keep their data and accounts safe and secure on their phone and so mostly prefer to use a best lock screen app. ‘Cover’ is a great lock screen application that boosts up the access process to other existing apps in a phone. Cover is a pretty simple app, yet extremely viable. It is featured with two primary systems, and the first is to reinstate the general Android lock screen with a “cover” that comprises the most loved applications used by the phone user frequently. Secondly, it figures out the most useful applications to list on the lock screen which firmly depends on how you use your phone and where you are.

  1. 360 anti-virus app

No matter how costly Smartphone you are holding, an anti-virus app is a must. There are various examples of expensive Smartphone hanged by malware, virus, and defective software. If you want to protect you phone from the uncertain and hazardous virus, then ‘360 Anti-virus app’ is a must-have application. Fortunately, this app works both on phones and PCs. This simple-yet-powerful app can help to protect, speed up, and cleanup your phone through a couple of clicks. You can use this app for cleaning up the RAM, Virus Scan, Wi-Fi security check, and other real-time protections.

  1. Go Backup

Data lost is one of the most frustrating situations for every gadget holder. Often due to malware attack or unfortunate reboot, the phone lost all the save data. However, the only way to defend this situation is to have the back up of all information saved in your phone. “Go Backup” is one of the best-running applications for safekeeping the data in Smartphones. With the help of this app, you can backup all your data saved in your phone including your phone contacts, messages, call log, applications, documents, and other information to your external SD Card. If unfortunately, you lost your data, then with this app, you can restore the entire backup. Moreover, you also can select the manual restoration process for selective data and apps.

  1. Facebook

Are you a social-crazy? If yes, then without Facebook, your phone is incomplete. The popular social media site Facebook has launched its Android and iOS versions for mobile users, and one can easily download the app from the official website of Facebook or the Play Store or Apple Store easily. However, several phones are now appeared with pre-installed Facebook. Having FB installed on your phone, you can instantly check updates, messages, notifications, and posts through your phone. It is the best way to communicate with friends, family, and relatives immediately right from your Smartphone. Moreover, Facebook App also facilitates the users to instantly update the status and upload photos anytime and anywhere. The users also can sync his/her Phone contacts with Facebook to find Facebook data of friends in the Contact list.

  1. Truecaller

Well, we can’t deny that technology has come so far for making the Smartphone experience smoother and handy. Truecaller is a modern day Smartphone app which helps the users to identify the name and location of different cellular numbers. Simply putting, Truecaller is a practical caller ID specialized app that allows user to determine and block annoying calls. It also makes out the SIM owner name and location of missed calls. However, the app only functions with valid internet connection or Wi-Fi.

  1. Dolphin Browser HD

The Android market is packed with hundreds of browsers. But what has created a distinction position is Dolphin Browser HD. Dolphin Browser is compatible with both iOS and Android phones. It has embodied with a number of premium features that are pretty hard to find in any browsing native browsers. It has both browsing and sharing feature that allows users to share and access any web content instantly over social networks. Moreover, it also lets users set up custom gestures like syncing option with Chrome and Firefox Bookmarks so that the user can instantly access the bookmarked sites directly from the desktop browsers.

  1. Flipboard

If you are news passionate, then Flipboard is the must-have app. Having the compatibility with both Android and iOS, this app helps the users to stay updated with all the latest updates from all around the globe. It has a stunning design and delivers remarkable user experience. It facilitates users to stay updated with each latest news and social media happenings. Flipboard also allows its users to save news and contents for later reading using Instapaper, Pocket and Readability. Moreover, the app can help you in exploring several staff picks in the Content Guide, integrated with the option of finding must-read blogs, magazines, photography and unique curate parts constant to the daily news of the day and other topics.

  1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the current web sensation. It is the instant messaging site that allows users to stay in touch with the world through the internet.  This free application lets the users send gratis messages and make free calls from their Smartphone to other WhatsApp users. Through WhatsApp, one can send photos, videos, contact, location, and documents to other users. By syncing the Whatsapp account with the contact list, one can easily get the record of Whatsapp users presented in his/her contact list. However, you need to have active internet connection or Wi-Fi to access the app.

  1. ICE – In Case of Emergency

ICE is specifically designed help individuals in getting real-time medical assistance in case of accident or health emergencies. This app allows its users to save essential personal and medical contact details which can be grasped by an Emergency Medical Technician with a QR code scanner. When you or anybody gets to the QR code displayed on the lock page of the phone, the emergency contacts will involuntarily notified and it will deliver the locality of your emergency.  Moreover, the app also features a SOS button through which one can make call and send email and messages to emergency contacts.

  1. 9 Apps

9Apps apk is an android application store by Alibaba Group which has around 97 million users worldwide and is very much popular in countries like India and Indonesia. It was developed with the aim to provide android applications to the users for completely free. The users had to pay to install some android Apps and Games on Google Play Store whereas Download 9App is completely free of cost, an individual don’t have to pay a single penny and can download any application he wants. That’s a lovely work done by Alibaba Company. Today it is considered as one of the best alternative of google play store due to the features it provide. The users need to register to 9 Apps and then they can find almost everything they want in very organised manner. It has a very separate section for everything like Paid Apps, Games, Ringtones, Music, Videos, Wallpapers and what not. This has been done so that the user don’t find any kind of inconvenience finding or installing anything they want.


Concluding, the above-described apps are fundamental-yet-most-essential for any Smartphones. They not only improve the functionality of your gadget but also make your Smartphone experience smoother, convenient, and sharp. However, several more categorized apps are also available for Smartphone users including photography editing app, browsing app, social media apps, and much more which can be downloaded from official Google Play Store or Apple iOS Store.

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