Eight hour sound sleep can boost memory and learning, finds study

Are you finding it tough to have a good sleep at night? If yes, then here are few tips that can get you sound sleep.

Always keep in mind that if you are having difficulty in sleeping at night then start preparing for sleep from the evening. One can do this by avoiding bright light exposure as it will lower melatonin levels in the body that tells the brain that it’s time to sleep. Several studies have found an interlink between low melatonin levels and sound sleep.

Another important thing that can help in making your sleep better is keeping your bed clean and use it only for sleeping purpose. Researchers say that we should not use our bed for watching television and using computers. By doing so, we tell the brain that it’s time to sleep whenever we go to bed.

One should avoid eating large carbohydrate-rich food apart from drinking caffeine-rich drinks like coffee and tea before going to bed. Caffeine reactivates your brain and hampers sleep. It has been found that refraining from eating while awake at late night is linked with better sleep while people who tend to eat more at night had negative effects of sleep deprivation. Also, heavy workout before going to bed should be strictly avoided. While light workout like brisk walk might help in getting sound sleep.

Discipline is important to grow in life. Similarly, discipline is important for sleep too. One should maintain a proper sleeping time. This way it helps the body to set a biological clock and it makes your sleep better.

Having a good night rest is very important as it recharges your body for next day’s tasks. In case of poor sleep over a long period of time, it might have severe consequences including blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, etc. So, try above tips and have better sleep.

In addition, the traditional methods like drinking milk and avoiding smoking before bedtime results in a sound sleep, as the milk provides calcium to our body, which increases the production of melatonin that helps the human body to fell asleep. Also, smoking before the bedtime results in breathing problem by aggravating sleep apnea.


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