Here are few tips to keep your bones healthy and prevent them from diseases

Here are few tips to keep your bones healthy and prevent them from diseases

Fortis hospital has issued guidelines and has tried to teach people on how to keep their bones healthy on the occasion of World’s Arthritis day. Experts told that there are over 150 types of diseases based on Rheumatic of musculoskeletal conditions and these diseases can be divided into four groups — joint diseases, physical disability, spinal disorders, and conditions resulting from trauma.

Balvinder Rana, MS Orthopaedics at Fortis Escorts Research Institute explained that musculoskeletal conditions lead to disability and morbidity. Healthcare expenditures for such conditions dig deep in pockets with heavy loss of work as victim becomes incapable. On the other hand, arthritis is a disease which affects joints and cartilages become thinner with the time. There several forms of arthritis including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, spinal disorders.

Doctors warned people that simple dietary mistakes can lead to long-term problems related to bones. For example, consuming extra amount of salt forces our body to lose excess calcium from our body through urine which depletes our bones and it might lead to Osteoporosis in the long run. A study suggests that instead of eating 1000mg of calcium per day, one can decrease salt intake by 10 to 5 gm/ day as both have the same effect on human bones.

Doctors further added that sodas and other carbonated soft drinks also leads to weakening of bones. While comparing the children of 2016 with those in 1950’s, doctors said that six decades ago children used to drink three cups of healthy drinks like milk and fruit juices versus single cup of soda while the situation is just opposite now. Children now drink three cups of sodas versus single cup of healthy drink thus, nothing much is left to neutralise the negative effects of carbonated drinks which ultimately affects our bones.

Also, drinking excess amount of coffee weakens our bones as it decreases the calcium absorption of our body. Thus, either increase calcium intake while drinking coffee or replace the coffee with tea. Apart from coffee, alcohol also reduces the calcium absorption rate.

Previously conducted studies have suggested that women eating too much chocolate are at higher risk of weak bones. Eating one serving of chocolates per day increases the risk of weak bones among women.

Here are some tips to strengthen your bones:

  • Eat green leafy vegetables
  • Eat salmon as it is a rich source of vitamin D and calcium
  • Eat yogurt as it has more calcium than milk
  • Include eggs in you daily diet
  • Lastly, drink milk twice a day

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