Tinder ‘Smart Photos’ feature offers creative platform to display your best pic

Tinder 'Smart Photos' feature offers creative platform to display your best pic

The availability of Photo editing and highlighting apps in the current market is unlimited. A large number of applications have been introduced to edit and highlight pictures and enhance them more with a new effect. Overpowering the whole world with top of the line prospects and photo editing options, the volume of editing and showcasing apps kept on intensifying over time.

With the aim to strengthen its footprint in photo posting and editing segment, the leading dating application Tinder introduced a new feature that will boost the potentials for getting the right match. The new feature is named as ‘Smart Photos’ and is modified in a way that interchanges the original look of the photograph and represents your pictures in a more advanced and elegance manner. With the new feature, you can enjoy your absolute best modifications on social platforms like Tinder. With the most recent upgrade, the company said that the new application has brought up a significant hike in finding their right match and users have witnessed up to a 12% boost in matches. The new feature will help users to select the best pictures from their gallery on the basis of swiping patterns.

As said in the official blog post of Tinder, the new feature ‘Smart Photos’ is completely designed to modify the pictures and will bring all the glamour to the pictures, with new highlights and enhancements. The app will take into account the swiping patterns of each Tinder users when selecting the photos they will give top priorities. The new feature of Tinder is enriched with a framework that gets more quick witted with more information: the more you swipe and the more you’re swiped on, the better the calculation serves you.

How to get the new upgrade app???

If you are an existing user of Tinder, then the process of getting the app is pretty simple. Users only need to upgrade their app to the latest version of Tinder and the feature will automatically be shown on the screen of the app. The upgrade is completely free, and with no extra cost, users can download it on their smartphones.

If you are new to Tinder and want to get the app, then you need to download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and install it on the handset. The upgraded app once started running on your mobile; you will be able to enjoy the option of ‘Smart Photos.’ The latest feature of Smart Photos is free of cost and the users of Tinder can get this by updating their Tinder application.

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