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Tinder is testing out new feature for the women to make their ‘first move’

Tinder is testing out new feature for the women to make their 'first move'

Social networking sites and dating apps have always been testing new features that may or may not materialize but this beta features still grab headlines. So, the famous dating app – Tinder is actually trying out a new feature on its platform called ‘My Move’ which gives women a little edge over male users with respect to initiating a conversion.

According to the statement released by Tinder, the beta feature is currently available for Apple’s iOS operating system users only and in India but if things work out well, the feature could soon roll out on Android smartphones too. Taru Kapoor, Tinder executive told in an interview with CNN that with such a feature, it will allow women to make their first move while many of the women do not believe in making the first move, it is still an option available for them to choose.

To simplify, the feature allows women users to make their first move which might not be possible if the current version of Tinder where users can chat up when they ‘matched’ but after the rollout of this feature, the women will have the option to make their first move or not.

The beta feature is being tried out in selected geographies in India where it is relevant since India sees headlines of crimes against women on a daily basis with over 39,000 rapes recorded in India in 2016 which is a staggering figure to digest. Tinder will ascertain the progress of this beta feature and if successful, it will look forward to a worldwide rollout in several months. This move will make women feel comfortable swiping on the app while also highly the user consent and mutual respect that the app offers.

The beta feature is inspired from a different dating app called Bumble which lets the women initiate first. Tinder is available on both iOS App Store and Google Play Store for downloads, however, all those ladies reading this post, they will have to wait for some more time till the beta feature is rolled out.

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