Tiger Alert!!! Illegal trading of tigers boomed in 15 years: WWF reports

Tiger Alert!!! Illegal trading of tigers boomed in 15 years: WWF reports

Tiger – the giant cats are considered as one of the wildest creatures in the world. However, they become helpless if caught in the trap and such situations are the basic reason for the decreasing number of tigers in Asia.

The illegal trading of tigers in Asia is not a new issue and a new report published by World Wildlife Fund has created a new deep concern for ecologists and environmentalists all over the world. As per the report, the illegal trading of tigers in Asia has hiked in past 15 years. The statistics published by WWF states that around 1,755 of the rare animals were seized between 2000 and 2015, which includes a large number of tigers.

The WWF in its reports states that in the backyards of US, total 5,000 tigers are being seized, while only a little amount of tigers have left in the forest. On Thursday, World Wildlife Fund released a report based on the illegal trafficking of tigers which has brought up some serious issue regarding the rare wildlife creatures along with the mounting reports of unlawful tiger trafficking. According to the traffic report released on 29th September, from 2000 to 2015, most of the animals, or their body parts, sourced from hostage breeding farms, which accommodate around 8,000 Tigers, giving the environmentalist some major goals about the growing volume of tiger trafficking in Asia.

In the entire Asia, 200 tiger facilities are presented, and now they house only 3,900 tigers which have given a new alarm to the wildlife activists. According to the source, the most commonly trafficked items from Tiger are the skins, trailed by bones, and all of those exported products are used for medicinal or semi-therapeutic purposes. In Indonesia, most parts of tiger specimens are employed in taxidermy.

On this matter, senior vice president of WWF, Ginette Hemley said that “illegal networks are gradually becoming intense and continued to traffic captive-bred tigers all around Asia, decaying the hard and fast rules for tiger business. Now the time has come that the existing tiger range countries should quickly shut their farms down or wild Tigers will face a prospect only as skin and bones.”

This view of the Senior Vice President of WWF is clearing saying how intense and crucial the situation is for the rare tigers and how it could affect the wildlife in the future time.

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