Donald’s triumph in the US Presidential Election might affect Apple Inc. adversely: Report

Donald Trump

Republican Donald Trump has been selected as the president of the USA what’s being known as the greatest miracle in American political history. Today on November 9, Donald Trump has taken the world by storm by winning the prestigious post of the President of World’s biggest sovereign government – America. By grabbing Wisconsin’s ten constituent votes, Donald Trump won the most highlighted election of the year and now is the ultimate ruler of the USA. While the winning of Donald has started cracking the figures of Silicon Valley, there is another company which may soon end up being the target of the new President.

Well, here we are talking about ‘Apple’ – world’s richest tech company in terms of market share. During the campaigning period, Trump was found to mention about Apple several times and the CEO of Apple – Tim Cook also actively promoted Hillary Clinton for the president position, by hosting a charity function earlier this year. Tim Cook also hosted a personal meeting with the campaign chairman of Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, in 2015, which may now make it the target of Donald Trump.

While a number of organisations in the USA are now holding emergency conferences to thrash out the consequences of a Trump presidency, Apple and its team many be worried about three ways via which they can be weighed down by Donald’s administration.

Tax Reparation

Tax reform is the topmost issue, Apple lobbies in Washington and new slated Tax policies of Trump – to slash the tax percentage over the abroad income – might end up with the favourable consequences to Apple. Apple holds around $US200 billion in cash and saleable securities stored overseas, and in this manner, it would have to shell out 35% as the tax in American to bring it back to the US.

US-based Manufacturing

During his election campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly asked Apple to make its iPhone manufacturing in the US only instead of China and so now Apple is expected to come under pressure for manufacturing its iPhones in the US. Under the presidency of Trump, Apple may face logistical challenges.

Encryption and privacy

Trump, in earlier February took to Twitter to call for a embargo all Apple-powered gadgets due to the company’s attitude on encryption and alleged backdoors that turned out to be a hot issue earlier this year when the FBI asked Apple to break into the iPhone of one of the attackers involved in the mass shooting case of the San Bernardino, California. As per the previous announcement of Trump, ‘Apple should focus more on the privacy of the nation than of its own and should provide info to authorities on the terrorism issues. Though the issue now has been solved, encryption remains a contentious problem for the company and over this concern, Trump may hold back Apple’s products.

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