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Three Most Horrible Things about Apple iOS 10.2 you must know before upgrading

iOS 10 v2

It is only three months Apple to dispatch iOS 10, but the new iOS 10.2 is already standing on its fifth update. In addition, Apple already has started testing iOS 10.2.1 in the Beta Version. If you are wondering why then let me clear you that – Apple iOS 10.2 has some nastiest and malfunctioned features which users might have never expecting from Apple.

While iOS 10.2 is only three weeks old, the testing of its upgraded version might surprise you. However, the lack of some major security fixes has already proved the iOS 10.2 not to be a major OS upgrade of Apple. Except for the addition of 100+ smiley and some other great features, Apple iOS 10.2 lacks what users actually look in the upgraded version of iOS 10. Here are the top three most horrible things that are proving ‘Apple iOS 10.2 not as a game changer’. Have a look:

  1. Glitches

Having outlier glitches in iOS versions are a common factor. But iOS 10.2 has some most unusual outlier problems like the unstoppable rebooting of the device. After upgrading their Apple devices to iOS 10.2, many users have complained about some serious outlier glitches like inevitable rebooting, connect problem with iTunes, unable to install apps, and not unlocking with Touch ID, etc.

2. Battery

The second most highlighted anomaly with Apple’s iOS 10.2 update is it’s more battery consuming nature. Most of the users after upgrading their OS are complaining about the fast battery drainage on their iPhones. Users have reported their iPhones to turn off automatically when the battery level goes below 30%, while some said the battery to take quick jumps from 50% to 25% within the blink of eyes. While iOS 10.2 is expected to bring fixes for this serious issue, users now have claimed the point to go worse with the iOS 10.2 updates.

3. EarPods

Rolling over to the third biggest complaints about the iOS 10.2, which is the EarPods problems which are being reported since September. While some users said about the lack of audibility with the EarPods during calls, while some other allegedly the mic to cut out regularly. Apple previously confirmed to fix this issue with the new iOS update, but it seems, the problem remained unnoticed by the developers of iOS 10.2.

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