This is why Musk has a strong reason why humans should colonize other worlds

The CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk has been supporting the idea of interplanetary colonization for a long time now. He believes that mankind should transform into a “space-faring civilization” for preserving “the light of consciousness.” Thousands of workers at SpaceX are involved at the present in designing the next-gen Big Falcon Rocket, a spaceship that could ferry around hundred people and one hundred fifty tons cargo to Mars.

Having said that, now Musk’s idea of the Red Planet colonization has been even more strengthened due to a new theory revealed by the researchers at Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute. According to the theory of this new study, there exists a forty-one percent chance that humans are alone in the Milky Way Galaxy and there exists a thirty-two percent chance that humans are alone as far as the whole cosmos is concerned.

On Monday, Musk wrote on Twitter, “It is unknown whether we are the only civilization currently alive in the observable universe, but any chance that we are is added impetus for extending life beyond Earth.”

This new study titled “Dissolving the Fermi Paradox,” starts by putting forth a question at the “Fermi paradox,” an idea accredited to the physicist Enrico Fermi. The question is as to why humanity has yet not heard from the intelligent civilization if there exist numerous stars in our galaxy, as well as numerous galaxies within the entire universe?

Nevertheless, researchers Anders Sandberg, Toby Ord, and Eric Drexler at Oxford believe that there exists no paradox at the first place. These researchers analyzed the Drake equation, which is a formula proposed in the year 1961 by the astrophysicist Frank Drake. The researchers observed 7 variables that could affect the probabilities for existence of life and multiplied the variables together. The product that was taken as “N,” was the total number of races resembling humans, which maybe sending signals to space in our galaxy. However, the researchers pointed out that some variable in the Drake equation are deeply uncertain as they are not properly addressed.

The researchers said, “It is common to see carefully estimated astrophysical numbers multiplied by these ad hoc guesses.” Further, they stated, “It has been noted that the final results seem to depend heavily on the pessimism or optimism of the authors.”

The researchers then checked if the Fermi Paradox is a valid mathematical question. On further working, at it, they obtained a “bell-curve-like distribution,” which suggested that there exists a forty-one percent chance that humans are alone in the Milky Way Galaxy and there exists a thirty-two percent chance that humans are alone within the whole cosmos.

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  • All this is, is a model and nothing more. Based on the preponderance of different species here on Earth, the safest assumption of all is that life is just as common and just as diverse elsewhere.

    And forget about the Drake equation and the Fermi paradox, the big gaping problem with both of them is that neither acknowledges even the slightest possibility that we’re being visited by intelligent life forms now and may have been in the past as well.

    The government has studied UFOs extensively, they’ve said they’re real and not a threat, they’ve captured them on radar and on video, the one thing they haven’t done is disclose everything they know about the subject, ostensibly to protect us, religions, etc. from panicking even though most of the planet loves sci fi and is quite comfortable with the concept of real alien life.

    The reason appears to be obvious, their power resides in the belief that they control our airspace, they can’t possibly admit that they don’t, that advanced ships can evade radar, cloak, and easily outperform everything we have in the sky. In short, they fear what they can’t control.

    Strategically speaking, the next best thing is to pretend that they’re in control, turn the subject of UFOs into kook territory, which they’ve done successfully. One would have to land on live TV before “respectable” scientists would acknowledge their existence. And that’s why these formulaic predictions don’t work, they’re missing a key part of the equation.

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