This is why more than 2% Americans believe that Earth is flat

This is why more than 2% Americans believe that Earth is flat

The Earth is round but not a perfect round. It is actually a spherical object with a bulge around its axis which won’t make it flat anyhow. But some people still believe that the Earth is flat. If you are not living under a rock, you might have heard about the Flat Earth Theory where believers deny any facts that might link the world to be a spherical object and instead believe that the Earth is a flat surface. In an alarming poll conducted by YouGov in the United States, 2% of Americans believe that the Earth is Flat. But why so many people have changed their beliefs over the shape of the Earth when in fact, astronomers and researchers found out that the Earth is round several centuries ago.

YouGov conducted a poll consisting of 8,215 participants where 52% people are very religious. The most exciting thing about the poll is that it segregated Flat Earthers from the total population so that there can be a contrasting comparison between these two categories of people. So, 52% of the Flat Earthers are very religious who believe that the Earth’s shape i.e. flat is what they found written in the scripture. When compared to the total Americans in the poll, only 20% of the people considered themselves very religious. More than 84% of the Americans believe that the Earth is round while a feeble 5% still have doubts. On the other hand, 2% of the total population still believes that the Earth is flat which is massive when multiplied by the total population. As per the poll, more than 4% of young millennials aged between 18 to 24 find traction towards the Flat Earth Theory.

Douglas Adams, flat-earth believers constricted the institution of round Earth stating that we live on a round ball covered in gas and we are at the bottom of a deep gravity while a burning nuclear fireball (Sun) is located 90 million away from us and still we think that it is normal. A psychology lecturer at the University of Winchester, Michael Wood said in an interview that almost all the flat earth believers would list down arguments that are usual in the flat earth theory such as fake satellites, fish-eye lenses, celestial gears that produce illusions of poles, and other arguments which are quite popular.

As per few believers, there is a conspiracy going on in the world where NASA is trying to hide the existence of the God. In fact, there is a similar theory of NASA hiding the existence of aliens too. According to Rob Skiba, a flat Earth believer said “The bigger picture many f we have come to believe is hiding God” when asked exactly why NASA is trying to hide the shape of the world from the people. There are many people who have literally joined the league of flat-earthers such as Freddie Flintoff – a former England cricketer, B.o.B – a music artist, etc.

When asked what lies at the edge of a flat Earth which is supposed to be around and flat disc, people respond that there is a giant ice wall that keeps everything on the Earth and the Ocean away from getting near the edge. This is why governments have established bases near the South Pole that prevents any private expedition towards the edge. There are some theories that flat-earthers believe which are as followed –
1. No matter how high you go up in the atmosphere, the horizon is 100% flat with no curvature whatsoever.
2. If Earth was a sphere, why the water is staying flat when it must be wobbling all over the place citing the fact that the Earth is rotating at a colossal speed.
3. If Earth is a spherical body and constantly rotating, the helicopters could simply hover at the same place in the air for sometime so that the Earth could rotate and destination could arrive.
If Earth is round, the pilots would have to make constant adjustments to ensure that the plane doesn’t go into the space.

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  • I am terribly disappointed in reading this article; the ignorance displayed when even broaching the topic of a “flat earth” is incredible. Conspiracy theories abound with the most ridiculous summations made with no facts to back up any claims. Having traveled to Point Barrow (northern most tip of the U.S.) I can tell you there is no “ice wall”…anyone believing this line of fabrications and untruths are incredibly gullible, I simply have difficulty in accepting these people can be this gullible.

    • I blame bad schools, bad teachers, bad parents, and technology which allows morons to disseminate bad theater disguised as science education. Unfortunately, blame doesn’t get us any closer to solving the problem of willful ignorance.

    • “ice wall” probably refers to the “Antarctic mountain ranges”.
      Given that commercial flights over Antarctica & private expeditions to Antarctic circle are banned, in most countries; there is bound to be conspiracy theories spreading about the real cause for this ban.

  • “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” – Albert Einstein.

  • Regarding Point#3: We can’t feel Earth’s rotation or spin because we’re all moving with it, at the same constant speed. Atmosphere is also moving with us which make everything relatively static, so you can relate the things why it don’t happen in point 3.

  • Indeed there is an Ice wall and all the non-believers of flat earth (and God) must respect it; for, it is only thing that’s keeping the human kind safe from an army of dead that roams beyond that wall!

  • This is nothing as compared to a section of Indians, including the present government, who believe that the sun is a god and needs to be worshipped( surya namaskar). Not only that, they are forcing the non-believers to practise the so-called surya-namaskar.

    • @Nasir Hussain, Yes for us Sun is god which gives light for all creatures on Earth, “Never Mind for You”. Surya Namaskar is just a name for one of form of Yoga which is early in the morning (Sun rise).
      How you are relating is ex. you name says “Hussain” means Beautiful or Handsome or a Leader of Islam. I am dam sure you are either handsome or leader.. You are big mind less

    • Hindus worship ENERGY and since energy is formless, for convenience they gave it forms – MATTER. Einstein came up with the E=MC2 (square). Energy and Matter are inter-changeable. Sun is the source of life (life energy), hence Hindus worship Sun (as energy). Rivers sustain life, that too is worshiped. Cow’s milk is seamlessly integrated into human body like mother’s milk. Hence Cows are worshiped as mother. Of course, Hinduism also allows atheists beliefs too and non Hindu beliefs too, as HINDUISM is the only religion that accepts all and rejects none. Hinduism doesn’t hold any contempt towards NON-BELIEVERS, because, non-believers are also accepted here.

      Yoga is very interesting. Westerns say it is more of exercise. Well that is true. It will keep you fit and healthy. Others say Yoga helps you calm down and relax, helps you to manage stress. That too is true. There are also few practitioners who say Yoga is beyond these definitions. Yoga is a means to expand you HEART, expand your MIND and expand your CONSCIOUSNESS. These concepts are beyond your reach for now.

      • Sam, Please explain the following.

        1. Goat and buffalo also give us milk, then why only cow? (is it because buffalo is black?)
        2. Seen many yoga gurus boycotting interviews with anger while some questions are asked.
        3. What more health benefit yoga can give when compared to half an hour football, jogging or swimming?

  • Learn Hinduism, learn Science.

    The only religion that is based on Science and facts of the last billion years. Hindus are the oldest continuous civilisation. Hindu Shastr is the reason and basis for Albert Einstein, Oppenheimer, and many other great scientist’s inventions and discoveries.

    Read Hindu Shastr and become intelligent.

    • kindly provide references of your insight please. i am interested to know about this “Hindus are the oldest continuous civilization.” So kindly let us know history of hindus in chronicle order.

      • You mean to say that proof of existence of civilization is only by means of Chronicles? So, no chronicle, no civilization? Something to ponder if you will – Christianity started with Christ, Islam started with Mohammed .. and anything that has a beginning HAS A END. Now then, Hinduism has no beginning; it is eternal, whether you accept it or not, whether you believe it or not, whether you like it or not.

        • Dear sam,
          Well i replied to respond from person called sajeev. I also know you have ignored the comment which he has written that’s why you lost the context of my reply. Nevertheless, Now talking about your point, so you mean to says that civilization doesn’t require chronicles to prove whether its really old or not then tomorrow the flat earth believer group or some other group claims they are the oldest civilization then you must believe them without doubt because for you chronicles are not important to prove them whether they were really exist or not from old times. Let me give you something to ponder and to increase your general knowledge as you said Christianity started with Christ and Islam with Mohammed, are you sure about that? Because that shows your limited knowledge about it. Lets say you are saying truth if that is the case then it means chronicles of Christianity and Islam is only from 2000 years and 1500 years long AND before that people who followed it were not exist? so you mean to say these people suddenly came from different planet?Common! 🙂
          Lets go into little depth, now instead of talking about quran let me talk about bible only since quran and its origin of human history similar or even you can say it is inherited from bible. Now if try to understand bible then you will see it is divided into two part Hebrew scripture and Greek scripture (or in familiar word Old testament and new testament)
          Now, greek scripture or new testament talks about regarding Christ earthly life means birth to death which is the only thing whole world aware of that, that’s why many conclude that it is 2000 years old religion but pull your horses back the Christ was a Jew [now don’t ask history of Judaism 🙂 ] and he was the founder of Christianity now it was not different religion he introduced, rather it was start of most important qualities and guideline which god was expecting from mankind and why creator had to do that i.e. different subject to discuss. Hebrew scripture or old testament had recorded numerous prophecies about the same Christ even 3500 years of history before Christ. Now bottom of the line is Christianity is the qualities and updated guidelines based on the Old’s. And Because people who cultivated that qualities and updated themselves and became christian in the first century were still alive during foundation of Christianity. (same as muslim before accepting islam were still alive and were following their old things[ please read pre-islamic history])
          Now you will be agree with me the Creator is the one who has no beginning and no end. If he is not then he will come under the category of creation so there must be only one creator for all things e.g. creatures, religion, etc. So, following statement of yours itself becomes incorrect,
          “Now then, Hinduism has no beginning; it is eternal….”
          Because if you say Hinduism was founded then there must be a founder of it. so which means it has a start! Now its very important to know whether the people who followed the same thing were oldest civilization or not for that you must have Chronicles records. Which is according to you not necessary. So i still respect your view, because i am sure other intellectual people think and then accept the facts. Let me tell you one more thing because you must understand the importance of the research for your good sake. Do you know there were some civilization and the same now in our time are no more? but how did you identify them, is it not the records found on the sites and proof understood over their ruins? I think those civilization e.g. haddapa, mohenjodaro, mayan, etc. were exist & identified since they had chronicles record found in archaeological research. Without records you cant even identify them or you will be doing always guess about it.
          Finally i would say its true chronicles record of something are not important when somebody not claiming that they are oldest or eternal. Because those claims are enough to make any intellectual to raise their questions. But if someone do that then defend with references at least for the intellectual people because grandmother’s stories i have heard from my childhood. One request to all who will read my respond to sam before commenting on my respond please read sam’s reply and understand the context of it.
          Showing superiority over others is part of human’s sinful nature whether it’s about materialistic things, social status, religion, politics, etc. Just like, for human it doesn’t matter whether one grasshopper jumps higher than others. Same for creator it doesn’t matter whether one show supremacy over others over anything. Because He is the only supreme. Learn from His creation i.e. nature, even tiniest things/creature plays important role to balance it and yet nobody claim supremacy. Even creator never designate them with order of importance. Because every thing which He created (including you & me ) He loves it , who are we, what is our existence if you compare yourself with Universe to break us or others from our creator. Ultimately we are the one human family whether you agree or not and for this no intellectual will ask you chronicles or proof!

          thanks with love and peace.

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