There will be two full moons in March 18′; Where can you spot it?

Full Worm Moon

Generally, there is one full moon in every month of the year. But there can be two full moons in a month too. March 2018 is a special month as it will mark two full moons on 1st of March and 31st of March. After a long break from sighting full moon as February 2018 had no full moon days, March 2018 will showcase ‘Full Worm Moon’ as it is known. Another full moon will occur on March 31. Most importantly, both these moons will be seen across the globe irrespective of the location.

The Annual Full Moon “Full Worm Moon” occurs in the month of March every year. It is known so as it marks the beginning of a new season. When the Full Worm Moon was sighted back in the days when meteorological offices and weather forecasts weren’t available, these full worm moon where known to mark the beginning of a new season after a long dormancy period during winter when most of the plants and animals are dormant. Firstly, native Americans and then colonial Americans started following the traditional which is still going on.

The March 01 Full Worm Moon is known by its moniker as it is when earthworms who have been in dormancy during the winter season dig out of their casts. This is the period when the plants grow and begin to flower fruits and vegetables. According to the forecast, the Full Worm Moon will rise at 7:51 EST on March 01 ( March 02 at 00:51 UTC ). But it is not the only full moon in March 2018. There is a second full moon which is named as ‘Blue Moon’ and will occur at 8:37 a.m. EST on March 31 (12:37 UTC at March 31). It is also known as Sap Moon due to fact that it marks the beginning of the season when farmers extract maple-syrup from maple trees.

According to, a synodic month or the time between two successive full moons is 29.53 days. This means that a full moon occurs every month. February 2018 marked a rare month without any full moon and that is why March 2018 will witness two full moons. Firstly, during full worm moon, the moon will be in the constellation Leo at 13-degrees towards the eastern horizon where its illumination will be at its maximum. During the March 31 blue moon, the moon will be in the constellation of Virgo and will be fully illuminated in the eastern U.S. Next day, the moon will be in the constellation of Libra and will be clearly seen in the European continent. Both the full moons will be visible from any nook and corner of the world.

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