Physicist Stephen Hawking reveals what happened after Big Bang

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What exactly was there before the massive Big Bang took place? This question has intrigued many physicists and scientists around the world. Since there is no concrete evidence about what was around ‘nothing’ where nothing is actually something that was there before the Big Bang. Confused? Physicist Stephen Hawking might have an answer. The famous British physicist propounded his theory on what was there before the Big Bang and the universe came to be at the Star Talk show hosted by physicist Neil De Grassi for National Geography that will air on March 4.

Neil De Grassi asked a series of questions on the existence of the Universe and events before Big Bang to the famous physicist Stephen Hawking at the show ‘Star Talk’. According to Hawking, there is no boundary of the universe. In simple terms, the universe is a Euclidean space-time continuum i.e. a closed surface without an end. He pointed out Earth as an example of Euclidean space-time. For instance, he explained how the South Pole obeys the normal laws of physics but indeed there is nothing in South of the South Pole. This implies that there was nothing before the Big Bang too.

Hawking further furnishes his theory on time before the Big Bang that it was present but in a bent state at the infinitely small quantum foam of singularity before Big Bang came into existence. Singularity implies that the universe came into existence from a single point in space i.e. Singularity. Moving further, he also dictated how time was distorted during the period of singularity where it was reaching closer to ‘nothing’ but never become it. This implies that there was absolutely ‘nothing’ before the Big Bang which could give an output of ‘something’ from ‘nothing’ which never existed. He blamed the perspective of mankind for such assumptions.

Hawking had stated in his previous lectures that the universe was the result of Big Bang. The universe is now completely different and independent from what it was before the Big Bang. It also disobeys the Law of Conservation of Matter as the physicist believes that the amount of matter present in the universe before and after the Big Bang could be different as well. The Big Bang Theory is one of the most intriguing theories that explain the origin of the universe as per which, the universe came into existence from a small dot or say, a singularity that inflated over time and grew to the size of the current universe after 13.8 billion years into making. This also means that the size of the universe is so enormous because it took over 13.8 billion years to form the size it is today.

The National Geographic ‘Star Talk’ will air on March 4 starring Neil De Grassi as host and physicist Stephen Hawking as a guest at 11:00 P.M.

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