There could be alien life on Mars, an astrobiologist may have prove its existence too!

There could be alien life on Mars, an astrobiologist may have prove its existence too!

Are there any aliens? If yes, then why isn’t there an official statement by any space agency, especially NASA? The American space agency has always been speculated of covering up any bizarre ‘alien’ activities and this is what happened with a recent photograph released by the agency. As per Barry DiGregorio, an astrobiologist, there could be traces of alien life on the red planet ‘Mars’ which NASA has left unchecked or say, ignored it. The scientist found fossils of a supposedly alien movement in the photographs released this year.

Barry DiGregorio is an honorary research fellow a the University of Buckingham. Barry is an astrobiologist who love studying rocks, gases, and actually, any material that might indicate life on other planets. He has written two books to date on the life of Mars i.e. The Microbes of Mars (2011) and Mars: Mars The Living Planet (1997) along with few other published papers. He pointed out a photograph sent by Curiosity Rover this year that has traces of fossils. He stated that the photographs show rocks on the red planet having crystal shape and unusual bumps on it that provides an evidence of fossilized alien footprints.

NASA opposed the theory stating that the dark and unusual bumps shown in the photo are extremely small to the size of a sesame seed. The agency said that these types of rocks are formed due to the formation of crystal on it which is similar to that of rocks in an evaporated lake. Sanjeev Gupta, a researcher at NASA’s Mars Curiosity science team stated that these indentations resemble gypsum crystals and it usually occurs when the concentration of salt in water increases due to evaporation of a lake. But the astrobiologist is determined to prove it as ‘trace fossils’ which is a term used to imply tracks, feces, or footprints left by once-living creatures. It is also called as indirect evidence of life and that is what has become a debate between NASA and DiGregorio. The latter believe that the trace fossils might have formed over 450 million years ago hinting towards life on the red planet.

Barry claimed that NASA might be covering up the sightings of this fossil of an alien species. He will soon present his hypothesis on this study in Australia at a conference to be held in June along with two other experts who are presently working with him.

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