The Dalai Lama is doing just fine in contrast to claims of prostate cancer

Der Dalai Lama zu Gast in Berlin. Großveranstaltung am Brandenburger Tor.

According to the statement of the spokesperson of the Central Tibetian Administration, Sonam Dagpo, the health of Tibetian spiritual leader Dalai Lama is in the best of condition. This statement comes as a response to the news reports claiming that Dalai Lama is inflicted with Prostate Cancer. The spokesperson refuted the news and said that they are fake news as His Holiness Dalai Lama does not have any troubles with his health. He further added that the Dalai Lama’s programmes are full and the news reports regarding his health do not have any relation to the truth. According to the statement of Dagpo, the Dalai Lama is currently in Lithuania for delivering his teaching and participating in public talks.

Dagpo emphasized on the fact that the spiritual leader is currently engaged in delivery of talks and providing sermons to devotees across different regions in the world. This statement comes as a negation of the various claims in news reports that stated affliction of the spiritual leader by prostate cancer and that his treatment is underway in the US.

In a media report published on Monday, there were claims regarding the Tibetian leader’s health condition being inflicted with prostate cancer. The report also added that the leader was under treatment in the US for a period of two years alongside implying that the condition of the leader had progressed into the last stages of cancer. On the contrary to such media reports, the 82 year old Tibetian spiritual leader is presently on a tour of Latvia and Lithuania for the duration of 11 days. The speculations regarding the health of Dalai Lama have been probably fuelled due to his restricted movement in the past few months as compared to his habit of frequent travelling.

The Dalai Lama is a world renowned leader who has been awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize. The leader exiled himself in India following a rebellion against the Chinese rule in 1959 after which he has been spending most of his time at Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh.

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