Texting and watching videos can help reduce weight, says research

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Until today, we knew that the heavy usage of smartphone, especially in texting, affects health adversely. However, researchers at the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, United States have come up with something very odd. According to them sending text messages daily could help in reducing weight. Researchers said that texting daily encourages one to think about dieting and eating healthy food that furthers helps in reducing weight.

While conducting the study, lead researcher Tanika Kelly, associate professor of Epidemiology, found that using different mobile apps along with texting and watching videos ignites dieting related thoughts that encourages people to eat well.

“In conjunction with reducing caloric intake and increasing physical activity, mobile messaging services could help to maintain and sustain weight loss over time. It reminds us to continue our good behaviours,” said Kelly.

Kelly along with her student of meta-analysis class, Fang Chao Liu, conducted 14 different randomised trials over 1,337 volunteers. They observed the effect of mobile phone intervention in one’s life.

Kelly and Liu found that the intervention of mobile phone and weight loss were correlated which resulted in the reduction in body mass index. Participants, who were into heavy texting, lost nearly 1.44 kg of weight over a time span of six to 12 months. Although the weight loss was modest, but the effect was more pronounce in log run.

“Even modest levels of sustained weight loss can yield substantial reductions in weight-related morbidity, mortality and healthcare costs,” she said. Obesity being a major cause of concern among today’s youth, even such a minute decline in weight would help, she added.

Kelly and Liu published their findings in the journal Circulation.

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