Teenage discovers WhatsApp privacy flaw

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A seventeen year old security researcher, Indrajeet Bhuyan, discovered some of the bugs in WhatsApp that cannot only allow you to see the profile pictures of those with privacy barriers, but also the images the individual might have shared with the contacts. The bug, which is a serious threat to the user’s privacy, apparently came into existence when WhatsApp Inc. introduced its web version.

The problem lies in the fact that the smartphone is not getting synced correctly, and glitches that have been lying around are allowing these bugs to violate our privacy.

It has been observed that most of the people tend to maintain a territory by limiting visibility of their profile picture, last seen, status and more to their contacts only. However, this teenage security researchers is probably debunking the myths by finding these bugs. By following few simple tricks, one can easily see what profile picture you have on your WhatsApp account.

One of the security experts said, “Sure, it’s not the most serious privacy breach that has ever occurred, but that’s missing the point. The fact of the matter is that WhatsApp users chose to keep their profile photos private, and their expectation is that WhatsApp will honour their choices and only allow their photos to be viewable by those who the user has approved.”

WhatsApp Inc, which was acquired by the social networking giant Facebook for $19 billion, has the most active users in India. It helps cut the cost by dismissing the charges you pay to the SMS carrier. WhatsApp is also in rumors to bring a call feature for its users worldwide.

A majority of the telecommunication companies in the country, including Airtel and Idea, are requesting TRAI to enforce charges for using WhatsApp as they are looking at huge losses due to that. People are now using WhatsApp instead of sending SMS.

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