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Depression has been the problem of all age. From childhood to old age, every person once in their life has gone through depression. Though few depressions are temporary and pass away with time, some depressions stay long and need medical help to overcome.

Recently researchers have reported that mini apps can be used to fight against depression and anxiety. These applications known as ‘IntelliCare’ offer certain kinds of exercises which help to de-stress your mind, reduce self-criticism and worrying. It is a wonderful method to help your life feel more meaningful. In fact, it is a secret mantra to highlight your strengths. It also helps to strategise your good sleep to better deep and sound sleep.

Recently researchers from North Western University, USA have found that 13 speedy mini-apps called `IntelliCare` drastically reduced 50 percent depression and anxiety in patients. The patients who used these applications on their smartphones up to four times a day showed better result than ones who were using psychotherapy or with antidepressant medication.

These study results were published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research by David Mohr. In the study conducted by David Mohr, 105 participants were enrolled and 96 of them completed the study.

These Intellicare applications offer exercises to the patients to de-stress, reduce self-criticism and worrying, methods to help your life feel more meaningful, mantras to highlight your strengths, strategies for a good night’s sleep and more.

According to author David Mohr from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine”We designed these apps so they fit easily into people`s lives and could be used as simply as apps to find a restaurant or directions.”

During the study some of the participants were kept using them even after the study. The participants felt that these apps helped them feel better and e-stressed. Generally anxiety disorders are a group of mental disorders which are identified through feelings of anxiety and fear. Anxiety occurs due to excessive worry about future events and fear is the ultimate reaction to the current events that are happening. These feelings may even cause physical disorders, like, heart attack, nose bleeding and so on.

The study is successfully completed now. The participants have found immense positive results after the study. Doctors have advice them to continue to use the apps for better results. With this study it can be expected that the final solution to fight against depression is finally here.

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