Team Modi will eradicate corruption, says FM Arun Jaitley

Arun Jaitley on rebels without a cause

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley is saying that though steps to tackle corruption has been put in motion acclaims that the ‘corruption’ has not even been whispered since Modi’s government took the helms.
Jaitley said that corruption is an evil influence on the very foundation of any country, and it not only costs a business but affects their country’s credibility worldwide.

Though the reforms and required steps have been set in motion to make corruption a 100% goner, the government is working on new laws to address such vital issues of the country that seek immediate attention.

The ministry is trying its best to make more schemes that involve attracting foreign investments in small, payment banks.

The eradication of corruption will only be possible if there are no more discrepancies in the government, and investment flow is from the nations that are not susceptible to corruption and won’t succumb to its power.

Jaitley has been scheduling meetings with various investors and representatives from different countries at WEF annual meeting. He affirmed that a lot of investors are looking forward to either invest or to expand their presence in India.

“I am not building up the expectations but yes we are going to keep up the pace. I have already said that Budget is just one day, and there are 364 other days in a year,” Jaitley said.

When he was asked question regarding the upcoming Union Budget on February 28, he declined all theories stating that it was just a mere coincidence.

While no confirmations have been done from his side when asked about this year’s budget, still it can be assumed with Modi’s government in the power, changes are bound to occur to the right and soon.
Let’s hope this year’s budget helps reduce if not end corruption one way or the other.

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