Kanishk Singh - Editor-in-Chief

Kanishk Singh, co-founder, and editor-in-chief at The TeCake, has forayed in the Science and Space for over five years, he enjoys his stint as an editor of several local magazines. He has written several editorials and high-level documentations.

Rishabh Rajvanshi - Senior Editor

Rishabh, with three years of experience in the newspaper industry, has co-founded The TeCake in 2013. Apart from writing and editing articles on  The TeCake, he also contributes to other esteemed newspapers.

Jaspreet Kaur - Contributing Editor

Born in Rajasthan, brought up in New Delhi, Jaspreet Kaur contributes as an editor.  She has a strong background in writing with excellent editing and proofreading skills. https://askgoldy.com

Saloni Sharma - Author

Saloni Sharma is an environmental activist with broad, deep experience in print and online writing, publication and site management, news coverage, and editorial team management.

Rohit Raj Mishra - Author

A news media professional with a strong experience in online journalism, content management, and social media. Rohit’s strength includes the sound knowledge of online media, detecting potential trend worthy subjects, discovering news and proficiency in packaging content for web and mobile.

Rohan Ganguly - Author

Analytical and detail-oriented technology journalist, who is having a vast experience in writing news analysis. He is best known for breaking the news on burning issues and his love for nature.

Tejas Sharma - Author

Tejas Sharma is a lead guitarist in his band with having interest automobiles. Being an automobile enthusiast he loves to cover the latest news on automobiles, smartphones and other gadgets.

Megha Singh - Author

A news media professional with sound knowledge of health, yoga, meditation, and proficiency in packaging content for health-related issues. She has experience in online journalism, and social media.

Shivangi Sharma - Author

Shivangi Sharma is a budding journalist who intends to build a bright career in the media industry. She is a health freak who loves to cover the latest news on health studies, besides science behind them.
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