Tea, Apples and Onions can cut short heart disease risk

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Scientists have developed a new way to cut short the increasing risk of cancer and many other diseases. The research made by a group of scientists shows that more intake of flavonoid-rich food results in the lesser chances of cancer. It suppresses cancer causing agents and decreases the chances of cancer. The compounds known as flavonoids are usually found in onions, tea and apples. This compound is beneficial to health and helps to prevent cancer.

A compound known as quercetin is found in onions, tea and apples. The compounds produced by quercetin are broken down by the body and it proves helpful to the body as it helps the body in preventing chronic inflammation that results in the thickening of the arteries, blood clotting in the arteries, etc. In the past, research has shown that the compound, quercetin, is not found in the blood of the human. It is being metabolized by the intestine and the human liver.

After the ingestion, absorption and metabolization of quercetin, scientists mainly concentrate on the compounds which entered the bloodstream after metabolization of quercetin.  These compounds are similar to the compounds in concentration which are produced by the digestion and helps to treat cells which are taken from the blood vessels lining.

Studies have shown that the compound which is found in blood other than the flavonoid directly came in contact with human tissues and it also affect the arterial health badly. In case of a inflammatory process, the intake of onions proves beneficial to health.

It is also concluded that one should have to take onions, tea and apples in its diet. As these are helpful for the human health and also helps to prevent cancer. It suppresses cancer-causing agents in the body. It keeps the arterial vessels healthy.

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