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This is why your tattoo might be retaining for a longer time

According to a recently performed survey by a group of scientists, the reason supporting the almost permanent stay of tattoos have been brought to light. These days people have been experiencing tattoos having a long stay power with surprising resistance to fading away.

Many scientists ended up scratching their brains trying hard to demonstrate as to why the tattoo inks do not tend to wipe off even after refreshing the body cells. It has now been revealed by the experts that the tattoo inks get automatically attached with new organisms, while just staying at the same zone. The representatives from the “Center of immunology Marseille-Luminy” spoke regarding certain immune cells in the body, known as the macrophage, which should wipe off the ink.

By performing various experiments and analysis on mice, the researchers have successfully tracked the functioning of the macrophages. These immune cells reportedly tend to assimilate the ink that is absorbing them. Nevertheless, the macrophages are not capable of digesting those items after assimilating the tattoo. Hence, the tattoos tend to stay on the body for a longer duration.

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