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As per the “Millenials Decoded” survey conducted by the mobile network provider Tata Docomo, youth Internet subscribers in India prefer their cell phones or tablets rather than traditional media equipment such as radio or television for the information, current affairs and entertainment.

In the survey, it was found that nearly 45 percent users use the mobile Internet for reading the latest news, whereas, only 40 percent use it for the entertainment purposes. Reports suggest that over 33 percent of mobile users use their handheld for news related information, however, 36 percent use the same as a source of entertainment. However, the figures for fixed connection lags far behind with just 7 percent and 9 percent respectively.

Praveen Gupta, the company’s head of digital business said, “This study reveals the declining relevance of traditional information platforms as primary information sources, particularly with respect to entertainment and leisure subjects where nearly a third of respondents turn directly to social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) in the first instance.”

According to the study, the trend shifting towards the mobile contents is being already underway in India.

“63 percent of millennial mobile users are as comfortable with mobile advertising as they are with TV or online advertising; in fact only 3.1 percent of Indian millennials consider brands that advertise on TV as being modern, compared to more than twice that number who associate smartphone advertisers with the same quality,” the study said.

Past this, the telecommunication firm, Tata Docomo is looking forward to offer personalized service messages on Facebook. The company reported that in the coming few weeks, the personalised messages will start appearing on the user’s wall, but will not be displayed as public messages.

These messages are to push the value added services (VAS) from the company. One of their technical spokespersons said that these message includes reminder for refilling the data packs or promotional messages such as subscribing a caller tune. The messaging service will be fully personalised, for example, Arijit Singh fans will be requested for caller tunes of his songs.

“We have carried out a pilot wherein based on a customer’s browsing history we can send him personalised or customised services that will mostly be our value-added services,” he said during a media conference.

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