Taliban targets Afghan police and politician with suicide bombing

Taliban targets Afghan police and politician with suicide bombing tecake

Taliban has again involved in a bombing scenario targeting an Afghan female politician. In an attempt to kill the politician through bombing they ended up killing one police officer and injuring six people in the process.

After the incident, more than 32 police officers have come under suspicion to have been connected with the Taliban and are under investigation. It is said that the Taliban first blew up two suicide bombs. Then three gunmen tried to attack the party going with the politician. Although sad for them, it ended in their deaths in a shootout with police.

In a tweet, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid took responsibility for the attack and said that they initiated it. This has been an upfront attack and a bold move to take the responsibility that has been taken as an indication to instill fear among the public.

The attack is being linked with Mullah Mujahid, a Taliban commander in Kunduz Province, who got arrested last month. The attack is assumed to have been a gateway for his release. On two former occasions when Mujahid was taken into custody, their leaders interrupted and had him released forcefully. But this time they are adopting a different path for the same.

Although Mujahid has come up with a juicy twist in the tale saying that he can name the Afghan policemen who helped them in their illegal activities, and he intends to demand his freedom in exchange of this information.

Afghan suffering attacks from Taliban is not a new sight to see, but the lives lost or inconvenienced are way more than the violence disrupting the peace in the nation. This bombing could be taken as a threat that more might follow if Afghan didn’t succumb to Taliban’s needs and released Mullah Mujahid, free of all charges.

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