Taliban kills Afghani policemen

Taliban has yet again showcased violence and made four suicide bombers attack on a police station in Afghanistan where they succeeded in killing 22 policemen and wounded 18 of them. The Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid has taken responsibility for the attack.

Earlier this month, an Afghani female politician was attacked along with four civilians and her driver on a crossroad in Jalalabad city and was admitted to the Sardar Mohammad Dawood Khan Hospital. She was severely wounded and took the last breath this Monday. Taliban took claim for that as well.

In the attack on the police station on Tuesday, a bomber blew himself at the gate of the headquarters in Pul-i-Alam, about 60 kilometers south of the capital, Kabul. Minimum of one or two of them blew themselves up in the eating area of the policemen. This incident was a follow-up of Taliban killing 13 policemen in Kandahar province, the previous day.

These attacks are happening in accordance with Afghanistan helping the US in the peace process. Although Taliban is not the only terrorist activists, who are against the peace process. ISIS, Boko Haram, and various other terrorist groups have taken upon them to fight against peace and spread warfare in the world instead and peace and tranquility.

This attack has been considered by experts and military officials of Afghanistan as just the beginning of the violence, as the traditional “Fighting season” is in queue by the Taliban, which usually happens around April or May. This might just be the start of a bloodbath that will follow as the calendar hits April.

The Taliban and all such terrorist groups have no particular goal in mind when they commence such heinous crimes and assassinations. Sometimes it just seems like, they were sitting in front of the TV and suddenly one of them said, “I am bored, let’s have a blast!” and some of them took it literally and went out on a bombing spree.

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