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Blackhole in centre of milkyway

Giant Black Hole in Milky Way consumes stars and vomits out planet-sized spitballs

Some stars come too close to a black hole present in the center of the galaxy and get gobbled up by the mysterious and gigantic black ball that ultimately rips apart the star, sending a long...
Blackhole in centre of milkyway

What Happen to Star Trapped by Black Hole? It Turns to Planet-Size Object

A star, in a period of thousand years, comes too close to the black hole which is present at the centre of the Milky Way, which gets ripped apart, sending a long streamer of...
black hole

Scientists spotted Giant holes in cosmic backyard

Recently NASA scientists have spotted out two monsters holes in the cosmic backyard of the space. Both of these black holes are the central region of 'active galactic nuclei', say the scientists of NASA...

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