Tablet Market Shrivels Up Due To Hike in Demand for Hybrids: IDC Reports

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The third quarter reports of tech market published a few days back, revealing the statistics of growth and fall of various segments. IDC or International Data Corporation recently announced its quarterly survey report on tablet market which stated that the mounting demands of Hybrids caused the Tablet Market Shrivels Up in the newly ended quarter of 2016. As the shipments of reasonably priced computers with removable screens hit a high record, the demand for tablets dropped down in Q3, 2016, said IDC.

With the overview of the tech market, IDC also published a detailed statistics of both tablet and hybrids segments. According to IDC reports, in the third quarter of 2016, around 43 million units of the tablet were shipped, which is 14.7% less than the shipping amount f the same quarter, a year earlier, as said by IDC’s global quarterly report.

In the interim, the shipping of bargain-pricing computers with detachable screens has witnessed a significant hike and the influences of these reasonably priced computers are clearly notable over the Tablet market. The detachable computers that can tie up with the keyboards for being used as a laptop and can be isolated for being used as tablet-style cost less than $200 and this has made it face a tramp in the third quarter said an analyst of IDC.

Jitesh Ubrani, an IDC analyst, while commenting on this matter, said, “In the race of Hybrids and Tablets, clip-on computers are found to be more high-ranking and favourite among users. The control of detachable computers over standard Tablet is clearly visible in the recently closed quarter.”

Along with these, IDC also reports Apple to be the ultimate king of the tablet market in the recently ended quarter of 2016. As per the reports of IDC, Apple, with a market share of 21.5% conquered the tablet market including the shipment of around 9.3 million iPads. Though the current delivery margin of Apple is 6.2% less than in the same quarter of the preceding year, Apple continued with the crown position in the global market.

Following Apple, Samsung is placed on the second rank, and the big disaster of Galaxy Note 7 seemed tarnished the global ranking of the Korean Company much. In the recent quarter, total 6.5 million Samsung tablets were shipped which is 19.3% less than the percentage of the same quarter a year earlier. Among other tablet companies, Lenovo shipped 2.7 million tablets in the third quarter, 10.8% less than the same quarter of 2015, while fifth-ranked Huawei delivered 2.4 million tablets and witnessed a boost of 28.4% in comparison to the last year.

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