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Swine flu is now even trying to establish its roots in the Nepal. In some of the recent reports, an individual who was admitted to the Kathmandu’s hospital for the apparent symptoms of the swine flu died this Saturday.

According to the hospital officials, this is the first case of a person dying due to swine flu this session. Last year only 18 people died due to the H1N1 virus.

The person who passed away was a 50-year old woman, who was a long time asthama patient and was detected for the pneumonia. She was then referred to the capital’s hospital i.e. Kathmandu Model Hospital last week. Hospital authorities believe that there can be more cases of swine flu from the capital only.

Meanwhile, in India, Gujrat overtook Rajasthan in the list of the highest number of deaths by the H1N1. With nine more patients giving their life because of swine flu in Gujrat, the state’s toll reached 265 leaving Rajasthan back at 261 this Saturday.

Altogether there are almost 16,235 cases of the flu in the country. However, the total number of deaths has crossed a significant mark of 1000 in the entire country. Akhilest Yadav, chief minister of the Uttar Pradesh said that the state and centre too is taking all possible measures to put a check on the disease. He further asked media not to create a havoc about the illness.

The virus spreaded up with a higher pitch in the last three and a half week, with almost 600 cases being reported each day.

According to TeCake’s health experts a rise may be seen recently as the cold winds and rainfall is suitable for the spread of the flu. This sudden change in temperature is leading to cold and cough, which in return lower down the immune system of the person.

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