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Sushma Swaraj proved her mettle in the freewheeling press conference held yesterday where she emerged as a perfect orator and the best performing minister in the cabinet.

Swaraj said that her success mantra is to keep working and stay away from media.

As she gave the elaborate details of Modi government’s achievements in foreign policy, she was quick to support PM Modi amidst the recent criticisms of his foreign trips. In contrast to the other members like Rajnath Singh who committed the blunder of saying that India will now make nuclear weapons with France under the Make in India campaign, Swaraj did not stump even once during her conversation with the media.

Not only did she escape from such blunders but responded to all the questions exquisitely. Officials in the know disclosed that Swaraj had prepared so hard for the conference that she was ready to even answer the questions on the haj program .

When asked about the diplomatic relations with the neighbor Pakistan , Swaraj said,”We are ready to resolve all issues (with Pakistan) in a peaceful manner through dialogue. The dialogue will be between two sides, no third party will be there or present in the talks; and talks cannot be held in the shadow of violence and terrorism, only in the atmosphere of goodwill. There is no change in our policy … no flip-flop. We have told this to Pakistan always”.

She did not treat the perceptions of being overshadowed by pro active PM as worthy of serious discussion. “A pro active PM is a support, not a challenge,” she said.

Citing the 162 engagements with the 101 countries, She said that the developments in the foreign policy are not a result of an individual dominance but there lies a team work behind it. She informed the media about her visits to 21 nations and  her deputy VK Singh’s visit to 17 countries.

She lauded PM Modi’s planned visit to Israel. No Indian PM has visited the nation but Modi’s decision to do so reveals the modeling on India’s foreign policy on a new path.

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