Surgeon fined Rs 2 lakh for leaving foreign body woman's abodmen

A doctor in Tripura has been fined for Rs 2 lakh by the District consumer court for leaving a foreign object in women’s lower abdomen during surgery. Since, it was the case of negligence and the doctor violated the standard court of conduct, the victim woman filed a plea in the court and the judge sentenced the doctor to pay the woman as she was in pain and agony due to negligence.

Srabani Deb was admitted to a nursing home for six days from January 7 to January 12 in 2006 for laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Soon after getting discharged she experienced severe stomach pain and after waiting for ten days she again revisited the doctor. Her surgeon Pratap Sanyal advised her to take milk of magnesia which had no effect on victim’s acute stomach pain.

Since, stomach pain persisted, the women visited another doctor who advised her to undergo CT Scan. Later it was found that the previous doctor had left a foreign body (eight-inch long corrugated drain pipe) in her right lower abdominal wall. Srabani again underwent the knife to get the object the removed in the nursing home in Kolkata on October 30, 2007.

Due to negligence and carelessness of Pratap Sanyal, the victim had to suffer for over a year. Thus, President of District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, S C Saha, ordered Pratap to pay Rs 2 Lakh to the victim ( Rs one lakh as compensation towards medical expenses for undergoing the second surgery in Kolkata, Rs 50,000 for the mental agony caused to the patient and another Rs 50,000 as cost of litigation). The fine should be cleared within 45 days of the judgement and if failed then interest of 9 percent per annum will be charged.

It is very disheartening to see when saviours of our lives do such deeds of negligence and don’t follow the standard norms to put our lives in risk and the judgement is in compliance with it.

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    somebody will intervene and file a suit against punishment in the name of religion or caste and the decission may be delivered in our India, such a fate in Indian laws