Supreme Court to hear petition filed against Whatsapp on June 29

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The Supreme Court has decided to listen to the petition filed against Whatsapp ban in the country on next Wednesday. Concerning India’s security, the high end-to-end encryption on the messaging app benefits the terrorists to have secured communication. In an earlier update, Whatsapp has made a 256-bit encryption that is impossible to break, featuring the militants a safe an easy platform to communicate. The case was filed a Haryana-based right-to-information (RTI) activist.

According to Sudhir, filed the petition is not only concerns Whatsapp but bundles every messaging platform i.e. Hike, Viber, Secure chat and so on. Adding on, he said, “Even if WhatsApp was asked to break through an individual’s message to hand over the data to the government, it too would fail as it does not have the decryption keys either.” It would become tough for the Indian Intelligence agency to tap into their conversation and take actions.

For decryption of a Whatsapp message, one would need a whopping 115, 792, 089, 237, 316, 195, 423, 570, 985, 008, 687, 907, 853, 269, 984, 665, 640, 564, 039, 457, 584, 007, 913, 129, 639, 935 key combination. The job seems next to impossible, as the time duration estimated is about 100 years by a super computer.

June 29 has been fixed for hearing on the Whatsapp’s issue. Yadav quoted that he has already tried to contact Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and the Ministry of Communications and IT but unfortunately he didn’t receive any reply.

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