Fraud: Viral live feed of Astronaut’s space walk on Facebook is old footage

Super Viral video of spacewalk on Facebook was a fraud!

An awe-inspiring video showing two astronauts descend from the International Space Station and move freely in space was shared by Viral USA and UNILAD on Facebook live. The video became instant hit and received millions of views, shares, and likes. People became crazy and were amazed by seeing astronauts flying in space.

However, people now will be disappointed to know that the video was fraud and no astronaut aboard ISS did spacewalk yesterday. According to the American space agency NASA, the feed was not accurate as no astronaut aboard ISS has done space walk since September 1 when two astronauts stepped outside to install new equipment on the habitable satellite.

The live video was shared on many Facebook pages. Viral USA alone has received 2.5 million likes, 27 million views, 817,000 comments and 528,503 shares within few hours.

People became skeptical when they checked NASA website and found nothing about the space walk. Even Facebook didn’t mention anything about the spacewalk. Facebook has started live streaming the spacewalk since May 1 this year.

An official NASA spokesperson said that the video was a fraud and no astronaut stepped out yesterday. During the last spacewalk, two astronauts Jeff Williams and Kate Rubins stepped out for six hours and 48 minutes for installing two new enhanced high definition cameras and retract one of the thermal radiators.

Williams is a veteran astronaut and surpassed Scott Kelly on August 19 for living most cumulative days in space. Williams would have lived a total of 534 days in space by the end of mission next week. It was fifth spacewalk for him and second spacewalk for female astronaut Rubins who is the 12th women to reach ISS.

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