Sunday night sky graced by bright “Pink Moon” and Jupiter

Recently on Sunday, a bright full moon graced the night skies on Earth. The special thing about this full moon was it was the April full moon which is famously called as the pink moon. Some also call it the fish moon or the egg moon. The Sunday’s April Full moon was not a supermoon because the lunar perigee occurred last Friday.

One of the most interesting things about this April full moon was that Jupiter, the largest planet of our solar system, appeared straight over the horizon, hence it looked very bright and was clearly visible in the night sky even if the bright full moon was present. And on Monday, Jupiter will be very close to the Moon, almost side-by-side. Talking about Sunday’s April full moon, the full moon is called pink moon not because of its color but because of its cosmic significance.

Newsweek reported that the April full moon is called pink moon because of the ground phlox, a pink flower that blooms and blossoms in the spring. According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the April full moon is also called the Fish Moon, the Egg Moon and the Sprouting Grass Moon as named by the Colonial Americans and those names depict some activity that occurred during that time at their location. On Sunday, both the April full moon and the sun shared the sky for a short period of time. The pink moon appeared in the night sky just about 10 minutes before the sunset.

The full moon was at its peak just before 9 p.m. and the clear skies made it possible for the skywatchers to get a clear and spectacular view of the pink moon. Along with the bright April full moon, planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and Mars were also visible in the night sky. Of them, Jupiter was the brightest on Sunday night. But on Tuesday, Venus will be shining the brightest as it will reach its highest point in the evening sky.

Informing people about the pink moon night, the Canadian Space agency wrote on Twitter, “Don’t miss the Pink Moon tonight!. April’s Full Moon is not actually pink; it was named Pink Moon because it coincides with the bloom of pink flowers called phlox. It symbolizes the arrival of spring.”

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