Sundar Pichai at his IIT KGP Visit

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, on his interaction with the students of IIT-KGP, from where he passed out 23 years ago, revealed the real success mantra of Google. Not only that, he also shared his interview experience with Google and his best memories from IIT campus days.

When asked upon the real key factor that keeps driving the innovation at Google, he quoted it as ‘10x’ or ‘moonshots’. At Google, they have believed to work on those things that will benefit the common people on an everyday basis. As there are a lot of users, anything Google does, it keeps the customer’s comfort at first position.

He shared his interview experience of being interviewed on 1st April (April fool’s Day), which is why he thought the concept of Gmail that has been asked to him was to be a joke. In order to praise the work culture of Google, he spoke on being offered with an ice-cream during the interview.

Though Google’s Gmail, Youtube, Google drive and maps are dominating the internet, it has gone through high-end technological project fiasco. Google’s approach to amplified reality through Google Glass saw a huge set back which is continued to be used currently only for industrial and medical purposes.

To help the people with flu, Google started to the pile of data so that people can easily know how to get rid of it but it failed too due to overloading of the database with bogus information. Some of its other notable failed projects are Google Live, Google Answers, Google radio and print ads, Dodgeball, Jaiku, Google notebook and many more.

In Pichai’s language all above failures were part of its today’s success as few times failure can be expected when one aims high. That is the natural part of the process.

He also told how Larry Page, founder of Google and Alphabet, believes that competition can reduce to minimal if we keep working upon difficult things. Others try to do something big on a problem that is not so big and hence end up in failure.

On asked upon the importance of education he cited academics as important but not everything. He urged the young mass to take the risk, try different things and to go in a direction where their passion is drawing. Sundar Pichai visited the alma mater of IIT-KGP long after 23 years after passing out. This 44-year-old Google CEO also addressed his concern over the topics like job insecurity, life experience at IIT and his interest in Film stars.

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