Suicide Game ‘Blue Whale’ Creates Global Panic after Taking Hundreds of Teen Lives

Blue Whale Suicidal game

A chilling social media ‘challenge game’ called “Blue Whale” has been alleged to take hundreds of youngster, and teen lives around the world. Originated from Russia, the nerve-jangling social media game is reportedly linked to many hundreds of deaths around the world. In Russia only, the game is blamed for taking 100 suicide cases, and now swiftly spreading to other leading nations like the United Kingdom and the United States. Now, after coming many suicide cases to the forefront, the police in the UK have started cautioning parents about the unsettling and sick death challenge Blue Whale as more and more teenagers have slowly been trapping to the terrifying online game.

The game – Blue Whale, which seems to be a royal game, is actually paving paths and encouraging teens to commit suicide. In last few days, Blue Whale has become a widespread social media movement, and due to its varied locations, it has become extremely hard for cyber police to trace its real origin. However, for now, the game is believed to be rooted from Russia. Some East European countries like Bulgaria are completely trapped in a Blue Whale panic and have demystified the whole thing in front of the media.

The challenge – Blue Whale is a social game that is asking participants to conduct some incredibly sinister tasks, like using a knife to sketch the prototype of a whale on their forearms with blood. The game ultimately concludes with asking the player to commit suicide on the 50th day of the game to become the ‘winner’ of the game. While the ancestry of the game seems to radiate from Russia, it is outwardly scattering its tentacles to rest of the civilised countries, where the craze of social media is actually elevated.

According to some online reports, initially, Blue Whale sets exciting challenges for its participants that range from watching horror movies to cutting whale shapes on their skin, while the final challenge of the game is to ask the player to commit suicide to win the game. The game is designed for a 50-days period and to successful accomplishes each task, players have to send photographic proof back to the creators and operators of the game as evidence, or they will send back threats.

The developers of the application-based game are asking teens to download the game before taking up any challenges. And once downloaded, the player can’t delete the game and all the details from the phones will be breached and hacked – meaning the crook developers can access all your details. And refusing to do any tasks, they are threatening players to misuse their details. Now as the game has already taken lives of hundreds of teens across the world, concerned parents are now seeking the help of other social media to make people aware of this lethal online craze.

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