Study reveals presence of electric charge in dark matter

The dark matter, previously discovered by the scientists, makes around eighty percent of the universe’s matter. This dark matter never interacts with light and its presence can only be experienced through gravity. However, as per the reports of a new study, the researchers pointed out that the dark matter consists of electric charge.

The astrophysicists Abraham Loeb and Julian Munoz at the Harvard University have said that there are strong reasons to claim that a small part of the particles of dark matter could contain a tiny electric charge that helps the dark matter to interact with the normal matter through “Electromagnetic force.”

Julian Munoz at the Harvard University in Cambridge, said in a statement, “You’ve heard of electric cars and e-books, but now we are talking about the electric dark matter.” The study’s lead explained, “However, this electric charge is on the very smallest of scales.”

The scientists involved in the study had previously discovered traces of a peculiar hydrogen cloud, which had formed after near about one hundred eighty million years of the Big Bang. This discovery that came up in the month of February was the very first of its kind that brought to light this ice-cold cloud of hydrogen. The scientists inferred from this observation that hydrogen draws in much of the radiations, as it is colder as compared to the microwave background of the Universe.

The scientists involved in the study, successfully calculated the “radiations absorption rate” of this ancient cosmic hydrogen by the help of the Experiment to Detect the Global Age of the Reionization Signature (EDGES), situated in Western Australia. This estimation helped the scientists to conclude that the hydrogen cloud was pulling much more photons as compared to the amount predicted earlier. This implies that the discovered cloud is much colder than estimated initially.

Loeb and Munoz said explained that this observation could be illustrated aptly by only “electrically charged dark matter.” The researchers concluded that one percent of dark matter carries near about a one million of electric charge, which helps it in eliminating heat from hydrogen.

All the observation of this new study was published in the Nature journal.

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