Study finds why women use dating apps like Tinder

There are many real-time dating apps available for Android users. The reason why men and women use these sites including Tinder varies individually. A recent study conducted by a group of researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) points out at the reason why men and women tend to use Tinder.

As per the reports of the study, most of the women use the dating app for a kind of self-assertion of their looks and appearance while the men mostly look forward to short-term relationships and some casual fun and sex.

Prof. Mons Bendixen at the NTNU said in a statement that unlike men, women are found to be using the dating apps for feeling better about their looks and personality. He added that women like to be taken as a good partner by the other male users of the app and look forward to it. The study’s lead author, Ernst Olav Botnen, who is a psychologist at the NTNU, revealed that men use the dating apps for seeking short-term and casual relationships, fun, and sex.

The research pointed out that women spend much more time on the dating apps in comparison with the male users as they take time to make decisions and consider every asset thoroughly prior to making any further move. As a contradiction, men make more matches in a very less time and are found to take quick decisions about their next move. It was also revealed by the study that men tend to initiate contact much often as compared to women.

As part of the research, a total of six hundred forty students were taken as subjects from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The age of the subjects of the study ranged in between nineteen and twenty-nine. This research also brought to light that the development of dating apps just gave another home for sex for fun rather than having any influence on sexual behavior.

The observations and findings of this new study were featured in the Personality and Individual differences journal.

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