Study : Digital platforms may enhance emergency care for heart attacks and strokes

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According to the Scientists, digital platforms like social media, mobile devices, visual media and crowdsourcing have the perspective to make improvements in the emergency care for heart attacks, cardiac arrests, and strokes. Researchers checked the scientific studies to measure recent knowledge on the effectiveness of digital ideas to advance emergency cardiac and stroke care.

Raina Merchant who belonged to the University of Pennsylvania, U.S. said that when seconds count, the early identification of the symptoms of heart attacks, cardiac arrest, or stroke action can generate a big difference in whether people survives or dies or has bad complications after that.

Merchant added that these digital platforms can provide support and efforts to give education to people about what to take action in an emergency situation. Knowing what to do which include how to execute CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation and identifying the symptoms of stroke is the thing that many people can perform to save lives.

Some study on digital ideas has resulted positively, like a Swedish study that utilised a mobile phone app to warn volunteers within 500 meters of victims of the cardiac arrest to respond quickly and perform CPR. The study got that 62% of the volunteers using the app began CP, while only 48% volunteers performed CPR without the app.

As per the findings in the Japanese study, when emergency department personnel transfer pictures of 12 ECGs (electrocardiogrammes) through their smartphones to treatment cardiologists for performance, the smartphone idea saved 1.5 minutes of the time to diagnose a patient, as compared to transferring the images through the Fax system.

Scientists further revealed that smartphones app may also be efficient and feasible to see brain images for Stroke and also FaceTime video conferencing apps to check stroke patients by a neurologist who lived far away from the patient.

Merchant also said that as many of these treatments are innovative and new, it saves time optimally to perform and evaluate as are done for medical therapies and interventions.

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