Struggling with married life? Its time to plan second baby!

If you are struggling with your married life then it’s high time to plan a second baby as it might bring back the lost love and spark which might rejuvenate your married life, says a new study.

Researchers from the University of Michigan say that nearly all married couple find it tough and start struggling after the birth of first child as several responsibilities and challenges embrace them due to which they are unable to give enough time to their married life. However, planning second baby can get them back to where everything started deteriorating i.e. before the birth of first child which eventually could improve quality of married life.

According to study authors, initial four weeks after the second birth are most demanding where couples need to readjust and adapt to these changes. Since, the couple giving birth to second baby have already faced that period at the time of their first child so they don’t experience any major disruption as the new member is added to the family. Instead of adding to crisis, it strengthens married life.

“Even when there was significant change, it was often short-lived, attesting to family resilience rather than crisis after the birth of a couple’s second child,” says Brenda Volling, psychology professor and the study’s lead author.

For the study, researchers involved more than 200 married couples who already had one baby. Study authors observed the couples since last three months of second pregnancy till 12 months after giving birth to the second child. All the couples were asked questions on the quality of their married life, parenting stress, support from family and friends.

Some couples reported small decline positive marital relation with no rise in marital conflicts. While some reported happy married life. Men were more satisfied when compared to their women counterparts.

Researchers noted that couples had some problems just after the birth of second baby. However, couples were communicating in a constructing manner within short span of time i.e. within four months postbirth. Their mutual understanding once again embarked positivity in life which was also supported by their family and friends.

According to Volling, arrival of new baby helps couple in coping with stress in a better way and generates positivity in married life.

The findings appeared in the journal Couple and Family Psychology: Research and Practice,

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