The strong gravity on Super-Earths restricting aliens to make contact with Earth

In a new study, scientists have found out that gravity on Super-Earth planets might be preventing the alien life from visiting our Earth. That means the aliens on ‘Super-Earth’ planets may be trapped by gravity and that is why they are not able to make contact with earth.

Scientists believe that Super-Earths are strong contenders for supporting alien life and if there are aliens on them then their super gravity might be preventing the aliens from visiting Earth. The latest study was made by Michael Hippke, an independent researcher affiliated with the Sonneberg Observatory in Germany.

Hippke found out that as because the Super-Earths are larger and heavier than Earth, they have a higher surface gravity which affects space flight. It makes traveling to space difficult. So, Hippke feels, the strong gravitational pull on Super-Earths might be making it difficult for the aliens, if any, to leave the planet and travel to space.  Aliens will require massive amount of fuel to travel into space and due to the absence of high-end technology, the space flight may be extremely expensive.

Hippke said, “On more-massive planets, spaceflight would be exponentially more expensive. Such civilizations would not have satellite TV, a moon mission or a Hubble Space Telescope.” Normally Super-Earths are about two times wider than Earth and their mass can reach up to 10 times that of our Earth. Such an enormous mass leads to doubling up of the surface gravity as compared to Earth. This indicates that the space flight from the surface of those planets will require massive fuel to escape the atmosphere.

The latest research tried to find out how much fuel would be required to launch a rocket to space from those Super-Earths. Hippke and his team found out that a sizable fraction of the Super-Earth planet would have to be used up as fuel for the rocket launch, thus limiting the number of flights traveling to space. Also, as more fuel is required for space flight, extremely massive rockets need to be made for the same.

Hence, aliens on such Super-Earths might be facing too many difficulties in launching themselves into space. Hippke said, “Civilizations from super-Earths are much less likely to explore the star. Instead, they would be to some extent arrested on their home planet and, for example, make more use of lasers or radio telescopes for interstellar communication instead of sending probes or spaceships.” The latest study was published in the International Journal of Astrobiology.

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