2018 will bring the extreme earthquakes as Earth will rotate slowly

The year 2018, will be the year where the rotational speed of the planet earth will go down which will be caused by the movement of the Molten iron. In August 2017, a study report published in the journal Bendick and colleague Roger Bilham, a geophysicist at the University of Colorado, Boulder, informed that, in this year, the planet would face more powerful earthquakes and the magnitude level will be 7.0 or more. It can even reach 9.0. He stated that the number of earthquakes could reach up to 20 in 2018.

The published report says, when the planet will enter in to slow rotation period, that will decrease the centrifugal force and tighten the planet’s equator. After that, the tectonic plates will crush with each other. The force that will erupt from this event will start super earthquakes on Earth.

The earthquakes of a magnitude of 7.0 or higher will increase by 25-30%, and the earthquakes will strike the planet with a magnitude level of 9.0 and more. The planet earth already has been faced earthquakes with 7.0 magnitude, and it had done severe destruction. Now, it can assume that if several earthquakes with 9.0 magnitude strike the planet then what will be the consciousness. It can spread up to 250 km from its center point.

Talking about the areas which may affect by this, it has predicted that the western USA, southern Europe, the Middle East, South America will be affected more by this. Not only earthquakes, but it will also help to erupt volcanoes. Mainly in Yellowstone National park.  Well, Its just a prediction and on the other hand the science has given some other information on this. The scientists, Rebecca Bendick, has informed to not to panic for this. She said that earthquake boom is like sensationalism.

Science says, there is not any particular way to predict about an individual earthquake. Earthquakes happen when potential energy stored along cracks in the planet‘s crust gets released. When it cracked, it sends seismic waves through the Earth.  So the scientists can forecast of the general threat for an area. On the other side, the forces that contribute to this energy buildup are very complex, and still, now the scientists are not able to sort out exactly how it might unfold.

It hasn‘t been examined or tested in the lab or confirmed by any further studies. Many scientists have also informed that they‘re not convinced by Bendick‘s and Bilham‘s research yet. Bilham presented the research report at the October meeting of the Geological Society of America, and after that, it has fetched a lot of attention.

Several scientists have noted that earthquake clusters and fluctuations of Earth‘s rotation might happen at the same time, but it is not proving that they are linked to each other. Bendick has stated that there is not much evidence for the proposed mechanism than for the pattern itself. Rebecca Bendick said it would inspire many people to look at this pattern, and it‘s possible someone will come up with an even better explanation.

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  • Now just watch a hand full of eco-nazis try and blame “global warming” for all the increased seismic activity

  • FACT: This is mainly due to the fracking. It disrupts the magma flows under the crust. That’s why we must ban fracking.

  • LOLOLOLOL!!! Breaking news… The Sun will come up tomorrow morning. Its cold outside in the winter. The Pope is catholic. Geeeeeeshhhh stop the presses there will be earthquakes this year!!!! When was there not??? How much do they pay these guys to predict that???

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