Stratagem pitted against AAP during BJP Meeting

Kiraon Bedi asking to vote for BJP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to attend the BJP Central Election Committee at BJP headquarters on Ashoka Road.

Referencing the sources, list of all 70 candidates will be released later tonight of this Committee meeting. Sources also added that the party leaders have decided to make a stand of former AAP member Shazia Ilmi against Arvind Kejriwal from New Delhi.

Although in a twist, Shazia Ilmi has tweeted, “Aajtak flash is incorrect. I have opted out of the elections and have expressed the same to party leadership.”

BJP leader and erstwhile IPS officer Kiran Bedi has urged Delhites to vote in favor of her party, announcing that an alliance between the Central and state governments would be of some help to avoid nasty blame games between the two. Despite the fact that Kiran Bedi joined the BJP party on 16 January, she has likely been made the head of the party’s campaign committee.

In another strategy, Congress gave Arvind Kejriwal the indefinite title of “Muffler U Turn” and went on to release a booklet claiming to “expose” the AAP chief. The booklet aimed to expose the previous AAP government, asserting to the fact that the 49-day rule of the AAP in Delhi was a horrendous nightmare for the residents with Kejriwal as the Chief Minister expert in making U turns.

Kiran Bedi went on to promise an explicable administration for Delhi. Every department of each and every state is equivalently important. If one votes for the BJP party she promised for a holistic administration. She wants to give a tribune to the rest of her life to Delhi.

Including new faces, many of them being previously associated with the AAP and the Anna Hazare movement from which it was born may lead to a bankruptcy of ideas in the BJP. The party has undergone massive changes and it may manage to attain victory on 7th February, but if it doesn’t then the party’s activists could apparently turn on its latest endorsements.

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