Stop your child from eating fast foods, it leads to weak bones

Stop your child from eating too much fast food in his early days as it might lead to weak bones, warns a new study. According UK researchers who conducted the study, nutritious food is necessary especially in childhood days, as it is the time when body requires nutrients like proteins, etc in high amount and fast food just fills the stomach without adding to health which leads to weak bones.

For the study, researchers from Univeristy of Southampton observed 1,107 children from their birth till the age of six. They monitored their bone mineral density (BMD) and bone mineral content (BMC). The data obtained was compared to the number of fast food outlets, supermarkets and healthy specialty stores present in the neighbourhood.

After analysing the data, researchers found that greater access to fast food stores was linked with poor bone development when child turns four or six. However, it was noticed that fast food stores in locality did not affect much but the difference lied due to increasing neighbourhood exposure to healthy speciality stores, such as greengrocers. Children living near healthy specialty stores had higher BMD and BMC at the age of six, study found.

Study co-author Cyrus Cooper, Chair of the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) Committee of Scientific Advisors said that the finding suggests that exposure to healthy or unhealthy environment when child is small can influence the dietary choice of mother and child both. While healthy environment leads to healthier bones, on the contrary, access to fast foods or unhealthy foods leads to weak bones which creates problem for the lifetime.

Cooper further added that the study is still in its preliminary stage and more extensive study is needed to confirm the findings. It found true then we can educate people and precautions can be taken to protect child’s health from degrading.

The study appeared in the journal Osteoporosis International.

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