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As a part of new BBC documentary, world’s legendary theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has predicted about new doomsday of Earth which is expected to take place within next one century.

As believed by Stephen Hawking, humanity has to run off the Earth within next 100 years. Otherwise, it will perish from the earth. The renowned English cosmologist also highlights the need of colonising other planets as soon as possible; otherwise, it will become harder to save humanity from extinction. As said by Stephen Hawking, colonisation of another planet and shifting human beings to other liveable planets is the only way to ensure their survival. In his speech, given for the documentary, Stephen Hawking also has warned that a number of dangers are double-dealing ahead of humanity and it is high time that people start understanding the issue and threat seriously.

The world famous theoretical physicist has made the claims as part of the new documentary titled under ‘Expedition New Earth’ which is set to go on air on BBC Two over this summer. As part of his prophecy, Hawking also has claimed that the harsh impacts of climate change, overpopulation, unsettled asteroid strikes, outbreaks, and global warming has already put earth and humanity in an extremely “increasingly precarious” position and the time has come that scientists and astronauts should start colonising other planets and celestial body to make humanity survive.

As believed by Hawking, human species will die out sometime within the next one century, if we fail to hit a new Earth-like planet or a celestial body with an inhabitable atmosphere. Based on the concept of finding a new earth, BBC has named its new TV series – Expedition New Earth. Hawking alongside his former student – Prof Danielle George, who is a professor of radio frequency engineering at the University of Manchester, and Christophe Galfard, will be on the mission to explore the innovative concept and idea of travelling across the stars and finding a new earth which will accommodate humanity.

As highlights of the BBC official website, “Drawing upon the latest progressions in biology, astronomy, and rocket science, Stephen Hawking and Prof Danielle George will go on a trip to various corners of the world in search of answers.”

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