Stem cells along with drugs can cure Type 2 diabetes, UCB

Recently scientists conducted the successful test on mice in which they reversed Type 1 diabetes in mice using stem cells. Now researchers from the University of British Columbia and BetaLogics, part of Janssen Research and Development, LLC, for the first time have unveiled that stem cells could be used to reverse Type 2 diabetes too.

Type 2 diabetes that usually occurs in adulthood due to poor diet, obesity and lack of exercise, accounts for more than 90 percent of diabetes cases.  The study has given a sigh of relief for those victims as stem cells along with traditional diabetes drugs might cure the Type 2 diabetes.

For the research, Timothy Kieffer, a professor in the department of cellular and physiological sciences, fed mice with high-fat and high calory diet for several weeks to make them diabetic. Then the study authors surgically implanted human pancreatic cells in the mice. All the mice were exposed to the stem cells along with the conventional diabetic drug. Scientists found that mice developed resistance towards glucose after the stem cell therapy was given.

It was also noticed that their blood sugar level dropped significantly, and mice lost their weight to become fit similar to the mice on a low-fat diet. The study authors believe that the finding have shown promising outcome and might play a vital role in human’s fight against the life threatening disease.

Type 2 diabetes is the root of several other diseases including heart attack, other cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure, increased risk of blindness, obesity, etc.

In recent years, Type 2 diabetes have become a serious threat to people all around the globe. According an another study, more than 600 million people across the world will suffer from the disease by 2035. Thus researchers and government organisation should step up to find a convincing solution to the sugary disease and this study is just a start.

The research was published in Stem Cell Reports.

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